Summer 2019

35 May19372 Established in 2012, DSOD Interior is a creative interior design firm based in Singapore. Working primarily across the residential and corporate sectors, they have impressed with an ability for innovative design choices that look to push the boundaries on convention. For this, the firm was named as ‘Singapore's Most Innovative Interior Design Studio’ in the 2019 Leading Designers awards. We spoke to DSOD’s Founder, Don Lin, to find out more about their inspirations and ethos. DSOD Interior’s work is certainly distinct, utilising the lifestyle and innate personality of the space to inform their creative decisions. As a result, their portfolio is eclectic, original and – perhaps most importantly – interesting, showcasing an approach that seeks to be different from the outset. In Don’s mind, the core of their work hinges on an ability to be consistent with this talent for communication, working to synergise the client’s wishes to their unique style. “The design we provide in DSOD is always distinct with its own characteristic and giving the opportunity to change the feel of an empty space into an ever-lasting lifestyle. We also believe in the strong connection between quality of design and the art of packaging. Our design strategy is tailored to every individual project that collectively recognises a constructive dialogue. Moreover, rather that focusing on profitability, we concentrate on our aspirations and passion for creating small opportunities in big ways through doing what we love to do. The end result is a to see a branding that people talk about, used, and wanted to own for themselves.” Where other design firms flourish on the back of a signature design, DSOD has thrived through originality, exercising a gift for a chameleonic style that adapts and evolves to a space as needed. “Basically, we do not have a common interior language, but create a new unique identity for every project that is, above all else, an enjoyable experience. At the end of the day, good design doesn’t need to use the best materials, but it needs to find the right ‘soul’.” This is utterly fundamental to DSOD’s long-term success. Where other luxury designers advocate for the best materials, the finest of finishes, Don believes that true excellence in design is all about the feel of the space. The more intangible qualities of the space. This is, ultimately, the core ethos of the firm and upheld by every member of DSOD’s team, as Don moves on to explain. “We have four core values. The first is that ‘we do not decorate space, but rather sculpt a lifestyle personality’. This is key to the way we approach every project. The second is, ‘we strongly do not contrive repetition into a single space.’ We aim to be unique at all times. Thirdly, ‘we believe in design quality rather than renovating quality.’ Finally, and crucially, ‘we uphold a future trend from the present’. DSOD’s designs aim to be future-proof and timeless.” As we come to the end of the interview, Don offers more insight into DSOD Interior’s future as they look to discover new design experiences. “Nowadays, design has been guided, safe and not radical. In DSOD, Design Defined by Creativity and Innovation we rearrange the guided into a meaningful statement. We believe in understanding the fundamentals of line, ratio proportion, space appreciation and colour combination to create and rediscover whole new experiences.” “We want to create a boutique interior firm that not only the rich can own, but also the low-income client. Our goal is to make sure that the first brand name that comes to the consumer when talking about interior design is DSOD”. Don Lin, Founder of DSOD Interior, born in Singapore, graduated in Nanyang academy of fine arts in Singapore. Albeit a small company, it is a proud receiver of numerous international awards such as a German Design Award, Muse Design Award, DNA Paris Design Award, China Successful Award, USA International Design Award, London Asia Pacific Design & Architecture Award, Silver in London Design Award, Silver in Melbourne Design Award, Silver in Sydney Design Award, outstanding winner in Golden Bull Award and also the nominee of Singapore President Award for ‘Designer Of The Year’. With Don’s 12 years of experience, his projects have gone from strength to strength in Singapore, offering multi-disciplinary expertise in residential, office, retail and F&B that undertakes an appreciation of brand objective & lifestyle; continuing to deliver premium branding that expresses the finest of creativity. His work often combines simplicity with complexity, creating distinctive spaces. With this design philosophy, he believes every project should not be copied from another, but rather, should showcase a particular characteristic that develops a lifestyle. Each space must be functional. Liveable. Company: DSOD Interior Name: Don Lin Address: 81 Ubi Ave 4, Ub.One #06-19, Singapore, 408830 Website: Telephone: +65 9747 4334