Summer 2019

41 May19210 Eleftheria Deko & Associates: Established Experts in Architectural Lighting Design Eleftheria Deko & Associates Lighting Design is an independent firm that has specialised in architectural lighting design since 2001, though has long-established roots in the industry. In May, the firm was recognised as the Leading Specialists in Architectural Lighting Design in Greece in LUXlife’s 2019 Leading Designers programme. We spoke with Marina Manteli, Lighting Designer at Eleftheria Deko, to find out more about the firm’s history and future. Long overlooked, lighting design has swiftly become a crucial consideration in the greater design and architectural sphere, as firms and designers from all over the world learn to appreciate the transformative and essential role that lighting has in creating truly ascendant spaces. For Eleftheria Deko the goal remains, as it always has, in creating a ‘visual impact’ without sacrificing the eco-friendly ethos that has come to encompass the firm, as Marina explains. “The firm's main focus is to create design strategies that provide every client, owner, company or organization with innovative, unique and cost- efficient solutions that deliver maximum visual impact, whilst emphasizing on energy savings through the use of eco-friendly lighting products. Our great knowledge of the industry's dynamics and of the variety of lighting products, our drive to be updated to the global architecture evolution, our respect for the client's needs and the environment as well as our dedication to high aesthetics is the framework for every undertaken project we light!” To help achieve these fundamental goals, Eleftheria Deko harness an expert team from across the design space: “Our team are people that are qualified professionals from both the fields of architecture and design. Most of them have been working together since 2009, and all are motivated by the firm’s passion for light. The recognition and distinctions that our work has achieved in our history justifies our dedication to our profession.” Fuelled by their extraordinary success, Eleftheria Deko have moved their sights to overseas markets, looking to continuously improve their offerings and utilise their substantial talents to develop the industry further. “We are targeting overseas markets such as Europe, the Middle East and America, with the intent to constantly improve through workshops, exhibitions and conferences.” Marina continues, moving on to discuss the latest trends in the sector. Of particular note, is the growing importance of eco-friendly integrated into lighting design, which Eleftheria Deko consider to be a crux of their work moving forwards. “We follow the trends of eco-friendly solutions in lighting and sustainability, as well as new technology in programming and automation. Ultimately, in design, we like to be pioneers and use all the tools that are available, new or old. “Moreover, we believe that the evolution of OLED technology will have a great impact in lighting. We wait for the standards to be completed so as to make this technology possible to implement. We are also eagerly waiting the "cable-less" USB lights to be even more spread. Since we have a honed expertise in stage lighting, we are watching with interest the characteristics of stage lighting technology being incorporated into architectural lighting.” Finally, regarding the future of Eleftheria Deko, Marina offers a brief insight into what the firm is planning over the remainder of the year and into 2020. It’s no surprise that, following their burgeoning success, that expansion is on the cards. “We’re working on two very prestigious new hotels in Athens and in Santorini, as well as have plans to expand Eleftheria Deko & Associates Lighting Design into new markets such as Cyprus and London.” Company: Eleftheria Deko & Associates Lighting Design Address: 20 Kritis Str, Argyroupolis, 16451, Greece Website: Telephone: +30 210 9902888