Summer 2019

May19152 Achieving Excellence in Sustainable Design INSIDE - Arquitetura e Design de Interiores is a specialised interior design and architecture firm that is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As Brazil’s ‘Architecture Firm of the Year’ in LUXlife’s 2019 Year in Review programme, they have seen success through a singular dedication to creating outstanding spaces that push the boundaries of the greater design industry. Here, we take a closer look at the firm and its work to find out how they have become one of Brazil’s premier businesses. INSIDE’s work is striking in many ways. It is endlessly colourful, utilising loud colour palettes to elevate spaces without sacrificing an ounce of sophistication or elegance. It is utterly contemporary, inventive and aspirational, without ever being unoriginal. They are, in every way, trend- setters – being guided by pure creativity over transient trends or fashions. But all of this seems par for the course for INSIDE. Indeed, since their establishment, they have harnessed a singular reputation in the industry for going above and beyond. To create luxurious environments that never feel tired or, simply, expected . On top of all of that, INSIDE has stayed at the very cutting edge of their industry through a commitment to sustainability. In the company’s own words: “Our commitment is to integrate sustainable solutions and affordable eco-efficient products into every project.” Whilst this is a common thread among today’s architects and designers, it would be fair to say that INSIDE have differentiated themselves through a pledge to the ‘Friend of the Forest’ (OSCISP) programme – which aims to actively reduce human impact on the environment. All the more impressive is that the firm has found success working across a plethora of industries. With each project they showcase a singular ability to adapt to the needs of the space – to see beyond it into what it could be. The possibilities of a space. Whilst many firms have this ability, INSIDE take it to another level, often reinventing rooms, environments and buildings from the ground up. For this reason, the firm was recognised as Brazil’s Architecture Firm of the Year. It’s a title they seem uniquely deserving of. Company: INSIDE - Arquitetura e Design de Interiores Address: STUDIO Avenida Nazaré, 1139 - cj. 1201 - 12º andar – Ipiranga, Sao Paulo, Brazil Website: Telephone: +55 11 2063 1477 Style