Summer 2019

46 May19111 Treat Yourself to a Truly Magical Experience at Casa de Mita Casa de Mita is an intimate ocean front villa style boutique hotel located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. As LUXlife’s ‘Most Outstanding Oceanfront Accommodation’ we were eager to speak to Casa de Mita’s Owner, Marc Lindskog, to find out how they have delivered one of the most exceptional luxury experiences in the country. In more than one way, Casa de Mita is a reflection of its owner: after all, a true boutique hotel nearly always is. A boutique hotel focuses on the finer details. It obsesses over the smallest things, seeking to go beyond traditional experiences by exceeding expectations at every turn. Its approach to hospitality is defined by how the owner sees hospitality, and what they think makes an exceptional hotel. With that idea in mind, Casa de Mita certainly seeks to impress, presenting itself as a five-star hotel with the comfort and luxury of a private villa. In this it is oddly relaxed, though relentless in its pursuit of perfection. Driven by Marc, it has sought to constantly improve upon its offerings – what was once a three-room villa has doubled in size, and now boasts a junior suite and two penthouse suites. Despite this, the core values of the hotel have always been the same – provide a magical experience that will be remembered forever. Ambitious? Not at all. “We welcome discerning guests from around the world and have always aimed to exceed expectations. We make sure we listen to our guests to anticipate their needs – it’s how we make sure that we deliver the best possible experience. Our staff, equally, are ambassadors to the hotel, and we work together to focus on the particular strengths of each respective employee. To help achieve this, we utilise in-house communication systems that allows all employees to be aware of guests’ requests so that the delivery of the request is virtually seamless.” This seamlessness has proven a crucial element to Casa de Mita’s enduring success over the last eighteen years. During this time, Marc has seen trends come and go, yet Casa de Mita – apart from the aforementioned additions – remains largely unchanged. It is, above all, a testament to the strength of their core ethos. Excellent hospitality is truly timeless. Here, Marc takes a moment to discuss the trends in the current market and how he hopes to circumnavigate any potential challenges. “The current trend and the abundance of online travel agents in the market places an emphasis on price. However, we try to stay focused on putting an emphasis on value. On Casa de Mita’s unique experience. Whatever the future holds, we will always be listening to our guests first, and adapting to their expressed interests.” This remains the key to Casa de Mita’s future, as Marc summarises in his closing remarks. “We will remain focusing on perfecting the overall guest experience and greater experiences- we want to help our guests create memories”, Name: Marc Lindskog Address: Riconada Careyeros, Punta de Mita, Nayarit, 63734, Mexico Website: Telephone: +52 32929 84114 Retreat