Summer 2019

47 May19044 Fossati Design Bureau: A Unique Talent in Luxury Architecture and Design Umberto Fossati has forged an impressive reputation through a specialism in both luxury residential spaces and luxury yachts. Following Fossati Design Bureau’s success in the 2019 Leading Designers programme as the ‘Leading Expert in Luxury Residential Architecture in Italy’, we took a closer look at the firm to find out more. There are many extraordinary designers around the world who work in the luxury sphere. For many, the market offers greater variety and a freedom to experiment, explore and develop a unique architectural aesthetic. Yet, as a result, it is hard to distinguish one designer’s work amongst a sea of others. It takes a special talent indeed to mark themselves as different, or unusual. Umberto Fossati has opted to go down a slightly different route, instead focusing on catering to more niche areas of the industry. For Umberto it might have seemed a natural next step to design luxury yacht interiors, after all, it offers a unique challenge – how do you evoke a sense of unmistakable style in a smaller, more restrictive, space? It’s a challenge that Fossati has embraced and flourished under, creating exceptional designs for some of the most exclusive of environments. But, by all regards, that in itself barely scratches the surface of this extraordinary talent and firm. In his own words, Umberto offers more context to Fossati Design Bureau’s work, “the studio is conceived as a bespoke design workshop, offering the highest levels of versatility and competence to create all sorts of interior projects, from the first vision expressed on sketches to the final implementation on site.” A Turin-native, Umberto has honed an elegant Style style, embracing an altogether classical sense of grandiosity. This finds its roots in Umberto’s childhood, as he spent his spare time in the antiques and interior design-based family business – which they had been running for generations – finding a passion for fine art and fine furniture. Later, following a career working in designing luxury interiors for a number of major Italian studios, Umberto moved to Tuscany where he continued his architectural education and enhanced his talents to include naval interiors and architecture. Establishing himself in Viareggio, home to some of the most prodigious shipyards in the world, he worked at two iconic yacht builders and honed a now peerless skill for the market. Umberto delights in a decidedly contemporary flair, a sort of 60s revival bought into the modern age of design. Clean lines, alongside masculine and feminine elements, create interesting, novel, harmonious spaces. Throughout his entire body of work, it’s clear to see that Umberto is no stranger to incorporating more international inspirations, from Asia to the Americas. As a result, his portfolio is eclectic, a collage of different styles and aesthetics crafted into statement pieces, demanding to be experienced and seen. In his closing comments, Umberto discusses how he believes he has differentiated himself in the industry. “Both on land and at sea, the dynamic feeling and flamboyant eclecticism that highlight my projects come from a harmonious combination of subtle design and carefully selected materials.” Ultimately, the key to success for Fossati Design Bureau can be found in the bespoke nature of his work, partnered with a drive to exceed – not simply meet – client expectations. Fossati Design Bureau Address: Via Chieri n.79, Pino Torinese, Turin, 10025, Italy Website: Email: [email protected]