Summer 2019

56 Based in the idyllic Austrian village of Lech, the Hotel Haldenhof is the perfect base after a long day spent on the slopes – though it truly delights in its peerless dedication to a personalised service. After the hotel was recognised with the ‘Award for Excellence in Outstanding Guest Services’ in the 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards programme, we spoke with Michael Schwärzler who, alongside his wife Claudia, have served as the flawless hosts of Haldenhof for the last sixteen years. In at least one way, the Hotel Haldenhof feels very traditional. In this fast-moving, technology- driven world, traditional feels refreshing, almost – paradoxically – new. It is perhaps most traditional in its dedication to the perfect guest experience, realising that this can be the key to enduring success in an ever-changing hospitality industry. “One of the key philosophies I work to was installed in me by my father: ‘Always walk in your customer’s shoes’. This is how I approach guests services every day”. But, for Haldenhof – which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year – this focus on hospitality has been the crucial ingredient from the very start, shaping its growth and driving its popularity, as Michael explains. “The hotel is family-run and had been handed over to the "next generation" about sixteen years ago. Over the last sixteen years we have made efforts to continue the hotel’s special guest and service relationships. Apr19470 Hotel Haldenhof Redefines the Meaning of Exceptional Guest Service