Summer 2019

58 Apr19011 Inspiring Design on a Global Scale The DMZ International Design Group is an interior design firm that specialises in corporate clients and business interiors. Working primarily with clients in Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore, they have forged an impressive reputation in an industry with notoriously exacting standards. As a result of their efforts, we named DMZ the ‘Most Outstanding Multidisciplinary Design Firm’ in Malaysia in the 2019 Leading Designers programme. We spoke with the firm’s Founder, M.C. Ho, to find out more. Founded in 2003, the DMZ International Design Group has grown to become a multinational consortium dedicated to creating innovative interiors for businesses around the world. In particular, they have become known for spaces that are visually interesting, drawing inspiration from a plethora of sources, as M.C. Ho explains: “Most of our signature projects are inspired by themed interiors. A few of them utilise the Chinese 5 Elements, but we have also been inspired by warehouse, garden, farms and forests when designing our interiors. We also strive for innovation. We invested in 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC Machining to do research and development for new design features. For example, we developed hexagon-shaped 3D concrete tiles for one particular restaurant project.” “Design thrives through teamwork. Partners in our organisation often have brainstorming sessions with the design team, finding inspiration in field study, research and site visits. Our aim is to create innovative interiors that inspire the world.” As a result of their almost two decades of experience in the industry, DMZ have weathered and thrived despite paradigm shifts and volatility. Throughout it all they have maintained a steadfast dedication to their founding ethos to provide exceptional spaces. This dedication is evident throughout their body of work, as they seamlessly adapt to restrictions and capitalise on opportunities to impress. For M.C. Ho, today’s design landscape is more challenging than it was in 2003, despite new opportunities presenting themselves in the form of intense technological development. “The interior design and construction industry are more challenging compared to a couple of decades ago. The pace of projects is much faster, and there’s shorter time given to the development. As a firm we are leading the industry in the incorporation of computer-aided design, big data, VR, AR and interactive media design into our projects. Another notable challenge is budget constraints – we often have to design to low budgets and still be able to maintain the aesthetics and feel of innovative interiors.” This technological development remains the focus for DMZ as they move through 2019 and beyond. In his closing comments, M.C. Ho offers some more insight into the firm’s future. “The future of the interior design industry will be defined by more digital elements. For example, using mobile apps to match clients, suppliers, builders and designers. There are some mobile apps already in the market, but they still lack the ‘human touch’ and don’t work perfectly. Ultimately, we have to wait until the users are comfortable with that experience.” Company: DMZ International Design Group Name: M.C. Ho Address: 8, Jalan Sungai Buaya, off Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur, 58100, Malaysia Website: Telephone: +60 1233 53180