Summer 2019

62 As part of her role at the school, she has developed a custom curriculum focused on the technical and practical aspects of the design of the space. On top of this, she is also the Founder of the Art&Mind Foundation, which deals with the education in the field of art and design, as well as the development of creativity among people of all ages.” What is perhaps more impressive is Dominika’s ability to provide exceptional client service that always seeks to exceed, not merely meet, sky-high expectations. “The key to success in this sector is understanding the needs and expectations of the customer, and to support them at every state of the project.” As a boutique-style firm, this has been a crucial element in determining DR Ltd’s early success. “The firm is comprised of eleven professionals. Dominika manages four teams: architecture, interior design, implementation/construction and administration. Working with different places we understand that customer’s require Dominika J. Rostocka is an Interior Architect, Designer and Managing Partner at DR Ltd. A stalwart in Poland’s interior design industry, she is also the Founder of both the School of Interior Production and Design, and the Art&Mind Foundation. Following her well-deserved recognition as ‘Warsaw's Leading Interior Designer of the Year’ in the 2019 Leading Designers programme, we spoke with DR Ltd’s Business Development Manager, Maciej Dzierzawski, to find out more about Dominika’s ethos and inspirations. Working primarily alongside developers and high net worth individuals, Dominika Rostocka has become a goliath in Central Europe’s design sphere, celebrating a reputation build on the back of hard work and a singular vision. Today, DR Ltd works on a global front, and has received recognition from numerous industry-leading bodies, as Maciej explains. “During her 20-year career, she has completed hundreds of interior design projects in Poland and abroad. She specializes in the complex furnishing of interior luxury homes and mansions. She also designs public buildings and deals with the restoration of historic ones. More than anything, original details are the distinguishing features of her projects. She creates not only the designs of buildings and interiors, but also patterns of original furniture and individual decorative elements. “In terms of ‘extracurricular’ achievements: in 2014 she initiated the establishment of the School of Interior Production and Design, where is a mentor and the main lecturer. A Central European Authority in the Design Sphere Mar19283