Summer 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 63 Summer 2019 turn-key services, which include, not only the design, but materials, item selection and assembly as well.” Through this turn-key approach, firm has achieved an extraordinary success that belies their small size, winning accolades globally. Here Maciej movies to discuss the greater industry, and how Dominika has carved her own path – not an easy task when peers seem eager to adopt the latest fashions and trends. “Though Dominika carefully observes contemporary trends, she ultimately follows her own path. She has become known for her own signature style, ‘New Art Deco’, which finds its supporters across the globe. Dominika constantly finds inspiration from her surroundings and during her travels. For example, a garden foundation in a residence in the Middle East was inspired by Peterhof Palace’s fountain, which was originally commissioned by Russian Tsar, Peter the Great. If she passes an interesting building, she could memorise a single element which she uses in some future project. She’s recently come back from Paris, where she spent two extra days visiting museums only to search for new inspirations.” Despite this, Dominika and DR Ltd recognise that the design sector is notoriously fast moving, continuously developing and evolving to an ever- shifting landscape. According to Maciej, DR Ltd’s approach can be defined by a ‘comprehensiveness’, recognising where changes can – and should – be made. “The key to surviving in these fast-moving market conditions are to have well-educated, experienced people with passion in a united and dynamic team. The other key is to offer client’s a complete package when it comes to design services. Customers expect to have all the services available under one roof – from design through to completion. Finally, when it comes to the future of DR Ltd, Maciej offers a brief sneak peek of what the next couple of years hold for the firm: “We have exact plans to issue under a registered trademark shortly, as well as launch new limited lines of furniture – lamps, sofas, and tables – accompanied by our range of tiles and textiles.” Company: DR Ltd. Name: Maciej Dzierzawski Address: 50/54 Nowogrodzka Street, 00-695 Warsaw, Poland Website: Telephone: +48 510 277 339