Summer 2019

65 Jun19024 QUARTERS of SUSSEX Ltd : Defining True Luxury in the Pet Products Market The animal health and wellness sector has been revitalised in recent years through the arrival of high-end and luxurious products and services. Fitting very much in this luxury mould is QUARTERS of SUSSEX Ltd, a company that specialises in bespoke dog kennels and pet homes. Following their well-deserved recognition in LUXlife’s 2019 Pet Products & Services Awards, we spoke with Owner Gavin Warnfeldt Rush to find out more about their exemplary products and dedicated client service. It is no coincidence that the animal health sector has boomed in the last decade, following in the footsteps of the greater health, wellness and fitness movement. After all, as people swiftly realise the importance of looking after themselves in mind, body and spirit, they are also understanding the importance of doing the same for their furrier family members. Partnering this with the needs of the luxury market, QUARTERS of SUSSEX Ltd have soon distinguished themselves through their extensive range of bespoke luxury dog kennels and pet homes that are sure to sate even the most discerning of tastes. After all, this is what luxury is all about – personalisation, exceptional quality and a service that always looks to exceed expectations, not merely meet them. True client-centricity, as Gavin explains, is utterly crucial to the enduring success of the company. “After a comprehensive consultation we can create an indoor or outdoor space for pets that are a stunning addition to a home or garden, fitting in beautifully to the intended surroundings. We have a range of designs that can be adapted, or we can offer a completely unique one-off design process from completion to delivery. With an extensive list of possible add-ons, like insulation, underfloor heating and matching finishes, almost anything is possible.” In this way, Gavin and his team have curated a truly unique product range that is, simply, unavailable anywhere else on the market. “Our design team have a flare for ‘special’. Each piece is made with attention to detail and finished off with an authenticity plaque.” There can be no mistake: every kennel is special and designed by a team of expert craftsmen to the most exacting of requirements. Gavin continues, talking for a moment about the clients that the company serves: “We serve any customer that love and adore their pets. We have found that our standard range of adaptable kennels are popular with pet loving owners but most of our customers are very affluent and have an eye for quality and design and happy to splash out on a really special unique piece.” Of course, it would be wrong to say that the path to success for QUARTERS of SUSSEX has been easy, or, at least, not without its fair share of challenges. Like many of their peers, one of the biggest obstacles was a simple matter of exposure. The pet industry is, after all, a global goliath and only growing more massive year on year. “Our biggest challenge was getting word out there that we are doing what we do. Pets are part of the family and we are fully aware that people, these days, rarely make their dogs live outside: They live in the home in luxury and are generally spoilt - as they should be. “We still don't expect customers to keep their dogs outside, but we wanted to utilise the very traditional idea of a kennel and offer customers a way of spoiling their pet by giving them a space that is theirs, whilst adding luxury and beauty to the home. The biggest problem was addressing a need for our product – after all, this bespoke service wasn’t available prior to us, so why would people look for it now? Nonetheless, since our establishment, we have experienced a steady increase in customers hearing about us and what we do. Over time, we are sure, this will become a product that more people are aware of and want.” Ultimately, promotion remains the focus for QUARTERS of SUSSEX moving forwards into the tail-end of 2019 and beyond, as Gavin concludes in his closing remarks. “We are particularly focussed on promoting our business through our very selected trade stands we do, namely, Crufts in March and Discover Dogs in October which are both linked to the Kennel Club. Moreover, using our build team’s experience in large luxury contemporary garden room projects and outdoor spaces we are looking to expand into pet-related office spaces and rooms that can complement our full range of pet homes. “At Crufts this year we also launched a new range of bespoke dog collars and leads that follow our company ethos of offering true customisation for our clients, matching requests for colour combinations and styles. Our new branch is called QUARTERS of SUSSEX Paracord and aims to create really unique and special products.” Name: Gavin Warnfeldt Rush Address: Smugglers Cottage, 1 Victoria Road, West Sussex, RH11 7AU, United Kingdom Website: Telephone: 07804975296