Summer 2019

68 JDID Inc is an established interior design firm based in Taipei, Taiwan. Following the firm’s success in LUXlife’s 2019 Leading Designer Awards, where JDID was named ‘Taiwan’s Best in Modern Home Design’, we spoke to Head Designer JD Yin to find out more about their unique design ethos. “My main concept about design is based around the idea that ‘Form follows Function’, meaning that every space corresponds to a function or element: flow, light, layer, floor plan, clients’ habits etc. They work together to create individual forms with meaning and harmony.” - JDYin on JDID’s design inspiration and style Perhaps most pressing about JDID’s work is the ‘connectiveness’ of the finished space, uniting elements that other designers tend to push to the wayside, and disregard. Equally, despite that, JDID’s portfolio of work is simple, or as JD describes it, “uncomplicated”. “JDID’s projects try hard not to present specific techniques, style or atmosphere. The connection between them is an ‘ongoing’ spatial spirit. I will May19168 In Truth, Purity and Beauty always describe my work as ‘uncomplicated’ instead of ‘simple’. ‘Simple’ is a popular expression that comes from Modernism and became too rational and logical for decoration. The axis of my work is, ultimately, rationality. I use it to integrate the perceptual details when and where they should be perceptual, so the result of work is uncomplicated. Finally, as a designer, I arrange the elements and functions to express my concept clearly and truly as ‘Temperament’.” Though he works undoubtedly in the luxury sphere, JD’s works very fits this concept of ‘temperament’. Controlled. Purposeful. Diligent. This idea appeals to his client base, who appreciate that luxury is in the eye of the beholder, and art often transcends the material. “All of JDID’s client have something in common: they don’t pay too much attention