Summer 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 7 Summer 2019 inspiration from.” More than anything, the office is keen to break tradition, feeling very much like a monument to Adeli’s work and talent rather than, merely, a working space. “I call my office ‘Adeli’s Space’ rather than Adeli’s Office!” For Siavosh, inspiration can be found anywhere, with each project finding its soul in the most mundane – or the most fantastical – of things. “We are always inspired by something. Sometimes by nature, or existing architectures, or sometimes by old masters of painting. We let ourselves be encouraged by everything that we see to help us create a project." When it comes to a favourite project, Siavosh doesn’t hesitate to answer: “the Emirates Room at the Palais des Nations. It offered a very rich experience, having meetings with very interesting people, and trips around the world. Despite the challenges that we experienced throughout the project – from the first strokes of the pencil to being awarded in international architectural competitions, to handing over the keys – it has been a rewarding