Summer 2019

May19275 BLOCKS Steakhouse : A Culinary Delight in the Heart of Cumbria Based in The Allerdale Court Hotel, BLOCKS Steakhouse has quickly become a firm favourite for locals and travellers alike, impressing with a peerless dedication to the culinary and guest experience. Following BLOCKS Steakhouse’s success in the 2019 Restaurant & Bar Awards, where it was named the ‘Best Steakhouse Restaurant in Cumbria’, we took a closer look at this establishment to find out more. There are, certainly, a plethora of extraordinary steakhouses dotted around the UK. Whether it is through embracing high-end touches, or a more laid-back atmosphere, they all excel in providing extraordinary experiences. Perhaps what is most telling about BLOCKS Steakhouse is its popularity, with potential patrons often having to wait weeks to secure a table. Of course, this is avoiding the rather more obvious point, and that is that BLOCKS Steakhouse excels from a culinary standpoint, with a customer service that manages to complete the overall image. Whether it be the expected menu stalwarts – a sirloin, fillet, or rib-eye – or the restaurant’s vast selection of tantalising starters, guests are sure to find a new favourite. Think buffalo chicken wings, carpaccio, pulled beef bon-bons and honey-glazed Cumberland sausages – all cooked to perfection. Moreover, the steakhouse’s success has been formed on a foundation defined by the affiliation and active support of local businesses. From sourcing the finest quality Cumbrian steaks from local farms, and seeking out the best cheese, cream, gins, ales and ice cream from local artisans and suppliers. On top of that, BLOCKS also employ local talent to ensure that the entire establishment evokes the people that will step over their threshold. In essence then, this steakhouse has become a reflection of the region itself – its people, its food and its businesses. And that’s what truly sets BLOCKS apart: a guarantee that whatever you choose from the menu will satisfy and is sure to exceed expectations. Of particular note is the exemplary customer service, with the restaurant’s staff perfecting a balance between being discreet and attentive. With all of this in mind, its no surprise that BLOCKS was recognised in LUXlife’s Restaurant & Bar Awards as one of the finest steakhouses in the region. Find us on facebook: Website: Telephone: +44 (0) 1900 823654 Taste