Summer 2019

73 Jan19394 “Mahagedara means the home that you grew up in.” Mahagedara feels deeply personal, every inch of the retreat nurtured and formed into something special, unique. It’s no mistake, merely a by-product of founder Lakmali’s vision. It is clear to see: Mahagedara was someone’s dream given life. Combining holistic, natural living with a luxury setting has proven to be a popular combination for travellers that are looking to reconnect with the world around them, away from modern distractions. As you might imagine, authenticity remains a key draw for guests, especially in the ‘experience economy’ that has gripped the travel and tourism sector. This authenticity is combined with a decidedly sustainable mindset, as Lakmali explains further: “When designing the layout for the retreat, careful planning went into ensuring minimal disturbance of the flora and fauna. The building locations are constructed with a minimalist approach and are in-keeping with typical village home architecture.” Mahagedara was built, from the ground up, to provide a ‘real’ experience in the most eco-friendly way possible. No small feat. Supplementary of that goal is a need to maintain privacy. As such, each of the retreat’s huts have been placed to ensure that guests experience a sense of seclusion and isolation – a crucial aspect of Mahagedara’s enduring appeal. This is an ancient sort of living, epitomising the modern wellness movement of embracing traditionalism and returning to past Return to Nature with MahagedaraWellness Retreat Wellness retreats are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional escapes, enticing travellers with their services, atmosphere and offerings. Mahagedara Wellness Retreat in Sri Lanka capitalises on this ethos to, in their own words, bring guests a truly holistic experience, defined – primarily- by nature. As a result, Mahagedara was named ‘Sri Lanka's Most Tranquil Wellness Destination’ in LUXlife’s 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards, a well-deserved accolade. We took a closer look to find out more. values. This core idea is echoed throughout, from the long, winding paths (that encourage guests to walk and experience the surroundings) to the minimalistic interior design. Here Lakmali offers more detail: “Decorations are with minimalist and rustic furnishings to promote the simple lifestyle. Local relevance and a deep sense of place and personality are always retained and enhanced. This also encourages the guests to be outside and with nature.” Perhaps more important than authenticity is the idea of sustainability. “At Mahagedara, we want to ensure the preservation and protection of our surrounding natural habitat. Our philosophy is comprised of the mindful art of upcycling, recycling and repurposing.” To achieve this, Lakmali sought local builders, creatives and artisans to assemble Mahagedara into what it is today. From clearing the land by hand, to sourcing the required furniture and decorations – all of it was achieved through collaboration with the local community. Today, Mahagedara Wellness Retreat remains a stalwart in the industry, highlighting what can be achieved through dedication, hard work and a dream. Mahagedara Wellness Retreat Address: 100, Gedigaswalana, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka Website: Telephone: +94 77 900 2206