Summer 2019

78 Oct18407 Inspiring Timeless Interior Design Inspire Design is a residential and commercial interior design and project management firm based in Longmont, Colorado. Following their recognition in last year’s LUXlife Leading Designers programme, where they were recognised as the ‘Best for Turn Key Interior Design Services’, we endeavoured to take a closer look at Inspire Design to find out how they have secured their success. Rather unusually, Inspire Design’s success was created from a multi- generational effort, harnessing decades of collected experience and hard-earned expertise to create beautiful spaces that seem perfectly at ease in the luxury sphere. This year, they are celebrating twenty years of business – no small feat for a company working in any industry, but particularly impressive here. Interior design, after all, is only becoming more competitive with each passing year, with success in the luxury sector far from guaranteed. This might be due to the fact that luxury can be many things indeed. Some designers opt for using the best possible materials, the rarest of products, and the grandest of statement pieces as the cornerstone of their projects. Others opt for a more creative route, seeing the space as a canvas to create complex and intricate designs that are – in all regards – art. Art in its simplest of forms – the everyday, the moment to moment. Inspire Design, unsurprisingly all things considered, have secured their success through creating timelessness. Over the last two decades they have continued to adapt, to improve and to learn, forming their unique style to cater entirely to their client’s wishes, without sacrificing their specific signature: Their talent for creating memorable and unique interiors that, simply, exceed expectations. Where Inspire Design really distinguish themselves is through their dedication to turn-key projects. From the initial consultation through to completion, they have forged a reputation for an uncanny ability to realise client briefs, regardless of any challenges that they might encounter. Their portfolio of work celebrates diversity: in some, they manipulate sophisticated lines in contemporary styles, in others, they embrace more rural roots, with hints of classic homebred touches. Whatever the project, Melinda Hammers, and her daughter Kayla, have shown a unique, seamless talent for creating projects on-budget and on-time. For this, they were recognised by LUXlife for their continued commitment to creating the finest of turn-key projects in the state. Company: Inspire Design Name: Melinda Hammers Address: Longmont, Colorado, 80504, United States Website: Telephone: +1 720 338 2456 Style