Summer 2019

82 Feb19365 Ca Maria Adele :A Unique Treat inVenice Ca Maria Adele is a twelve-bedroom boutique hotel in the heart of Venice’s creative hub, next to the Majestic Church of Madonna della Salute. Recognised with the Award for Excellence in Luxury Accommodation in the 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards, we spoke with Alessio Campa, one half of Ca Maria Adele’s visionary creators. Stepping over the threshold must be an odd experience for any guest to Ca Maria Adele. Of course, Venice is already known for its stunning historical architecture, a snapshot of the renaissance given life and peppered with anachronism. Ca Maria Adele takes this, almost impossibly, one step further. Don’t be mistaken, this boutique hotel doesn’t disregard modernity entirely, but there’s a certain atmosphere to this restored 15th century structure that almost defies explanation. The hotel is a testament to Venice’s wealthy, gilded history, celebrating the luxuries of yesteryear in a way that effortlessly ties together modern sensibilities with the rich indulgences of the past. The overall effect is one of intrinsic romanticism – a choice that Alessio reveals was entirely on purpose. “We provide refined stays for couples and singles who seek a romantic and quiet getaway in the most romantic city in the world. Facing the water of a little canal right next to the Majestic Church of Madonna della Salute, our location is definitely one of the advantages of the hotel.” Alessio continues, offering some insight into Ca Maria Adele’s exceptional client service. “We try not to say ‘no’. We communicate a lot with our clients during the booking phase, a we love to provide curated assistance in order to give the best possible service once the guest is in the house. Every member of staff tries to meet out guests’ expectations, helping with every aspect of their stay, which may include recommendations on the best museums, restaurants and shows.” It would be an understatement to say that Venice’s hospitality industry is competitive. With so many options available for tourists and travellers, it can certainly be hard for any establishment to distinguish itself from the competition. The key to success, at least for Ca Maria Adele, is to adapt to the changing needs of guests, without sacrificing the founding ethos of the hotel. For Alessio, the hotel’s uniqueness remains a natural draw. “Nowadays there are more and more travellers, but everyone is looking for something very authentic and unique. The current trend is to customise the experience to the guest. We follow a natural path, which is led by guest feedback, which is very important to understand and take on board if the service and experience provided it to continue to meet expectations. “Even though there might be more and more people coming over to Venice, I think the trend will be offering a very specific stay, according to the aim/goal of the stay. So, remaining focused on a specific market will save you from unhappy guests and will help you to promote your experience into those dedicated channels.” For Alessio, it is better to be a master of one trade, than a jack of many. Knowing your strengths is incredibly important. Finally, Alessio comments on the future of Ca Maria Adele: “There are many possibilities and we are studying the situation in order to develop the best opportunity for me and my brother Nicola, as we took on Ca Maria Adele as a project we were passionate about – we would love to follow another similar opportunity.” Name: Alessio Campa Address: Dorsoduro 111, Venice, 30123, Italy Website: Telephone: +39 0 4152 03078