Summer 2019

Feb19198 Succeeding Through Best in Class Guest Services Krabi remains one of Thailand’s idyllic retreats, impressing with its natural beauty – all turquoise waters and sheer, craggy cliffs. To put it simply, Krabi is what many people imagine when they think of Thailand and its many wonders. De Malee Villa lies just off the southern coast, offering a truly luxurious experience for those that want to experience the area’s astounding beauty for themselves. Following their success in the 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards, we spoke with the villa’s Guest Relations Manager, Kavinwat Kaewkrachuti, who told us more about De Malee’s many offerings. Despite only being in business for the last two years, De Malee Villa has established itself quickly, finding success in a simple formula – providing a seamless luxury experience from the moment a guest steps over the threshold to the moment they leave the property. Key to this is the villa’s approach to customer service which emphasises, above all else, guest-centricity, ensuring that expectations are met and -naturally – exceeded. Kavinwat takes a moment to discuss this in more detail: “We always treat the guest as a special person and we are always sincere in our service. The villa’s staff is always happy to help and will do everything to make the guest’s stay as comfortable as possible, including solving any problems or answering any questions.” Catering to clients from all over the world, this customer- first ethos has proven a valuable asset, emphasising De Malee’s exceptionally adaptive nature – nothing is, at the end of the day, too much trouble. This quality also serves to make the villa almost timeless when compared to the industry as a whole. By focusing singularly on the guest, they have avoided many of the pitfalls faced by many of their peers, who have focused on meeting only-too transient trends. This ‘old-fashioned’ approach to hospitality is juxtaposed on the villa’s modern amenities and facilities without sacrificing an ounce of what makes De Malee special. With this in mind, Kavinwat discusses the future of De Malee Villa as they look to capitalise on their recent successes. “Our business is only 2 years old and everything is going great. Now we are growing up, improving and focusing on growing the business. Our aim is to be the number one player in the region. This year we will be building on the existing property to ensure we have more variety and offer new experiences for our guests to explore.” Name: Kavinwat Kaewkrachuti, Guest Relations Manager Address: 53 Moo 5 Aonang, Mueng, Krabi, 81180, Thailand Website: Telephone: +66 75 661 665