Summer 2019

85 Jun19189 Tantalising Treats from Cafe-Konditorei Albrecht A quintessential ‘café house’ in Waldshut-Tiengen, Cafe-Konditorei Albrecht offers a broad selection of homemade treats that are, in every way, special. As one of LUXlife’s most recommended in the Restaurant & Bar Guide, Cafe-Konditorei Albrecht has certainly distinguished itself, with guests delighted by their bountiful offerings. We spoke to owners Timo Conzelmann and Julia Wrona to find out more. There’s something uniquely luxurious about an expertly crafted guilty treat. In this age of wellness and health, there’s something to be said for simple indulgence, at least on the odd occasion. Where better then, than Cafe-Konditorei Albrecht? In the idyllic city of Waldshut-Tiengen, right on the Swiss border, there’s only one place to go if you want to satisfy that sweet tooth. To start, Julia offers some information on the history of the café. “Originally established in 1882, Cafe-Konditorei Albrecht is a classic, traditional cafe house and confectionary that specialises in praline. We have an ability to sit 100 people comfortably, with an additional 50 seats in our terraces.” Timo continues, moving on to discuss how they have distinguished themselves in a region known for its culinary delights. Perhaps surprisingly, Timo and Julia prefer to opt for perfection through simplicity. “We aim to create delicious food made through traditional methods with quality ingredients. All of our products are handmade in our little bakery. Me and Julia work alongside farmers in our region to ensure everything is locally sourced. Today, we have a great selection of cakes and more than fifty different pralines in our confectionary. We also create beautiful speciality cakes for every taste and for every occasion.” This idea of ‘simple perfection’ ensures that the guest experience is seamless, and customer service remains, at all times, efficient and friendly. “We think we are successful because we offer honesty and high-quality products that are served by friendly waiters. Because of this success, we are now a part of the Südland Köche- Hochrhein Südschwarzwald – one of only a few confectioners which gets the honour of taking part. We are also proud of our location in the middle of the historic city of Waldshut-Tiengen,” Julia adds. As we come to the end of the interview, Julia speaks for a moment on Cafe-Konditorei Albrecht’s clients. Of particular note is how the social media craze for picture-perfect confectionary has had an impact on the demographics of their clientele, as people of all ages learn to appreciate remarkable cakes, pastries, pralines and chocolate. “When we started our guest were mainly older, but now more and more younger guests visit us. We welcome all kind of people who want delicious, honest food.” In their closing comments, Timo shares some insight into the challenges that are facing the confectionary industry today. “As you can imagine, one of the biggest problems we are facing at the moment is a skilled worker shortage - confectioners are very rare. Another is that people don’t have time anymore to get into the city to buy their confectionery products in their local confectionary.” Despite this, Cafe-Konditorei Albrecht continues to hone their craft and see extraordinary success through their delicious treats. Cafe-Konditorei Albrecht GmbH Name: Timo Conzelmann & Julia Wrona Address: Kaiserstr. 58, Waldshut, 79761, Baden- Württemberg, Germany Website: Telephone: +49 7751 3312