Summer 2019

86 The Macallan, one of the worlds most renowned whisky distillers, has expanded its brand by opening a boutique in the heart of one of the world’s busiest airports, Dubai International Airport (DXB). LUXlife went to pay this revolutionary space a visit and find out more about how the brand is bringing traditional whisky to contemporary drinkers. Traditionally whisky was an exclusive industry, with many luxury bottles sold directly to buyers from the distillery or through private sellers. Though in recent years whisky has become more open and as a result had had an increase in popularity, with many supermarkets now also offering a range of brands and bottles to a wide range of drinkers whisky drinking is on the rise. However, the Macallan is aiming to take the industry one step further by offerings its traditional whisky to even more discerning drinkers through the launch of its first boutique. Hosted in DXB is the first of the new whisky boutique collections, which provides a unique experience designed to bring the heritage and prestige of the brand to life for whisky lovers all over the world. LUXlife was proud to be invited to sample some of the brand’s legendary hospitality at the boutique’s launch. Whilst enjoying the event we were struck by how the new space effortlessly combined the heritage and tradition of this longstanding brand with modern technology and contemporary design to tempt today’s drinkers. Originally, founded in 1824 in a base nested above the River Spey in Scotland, over the years the brand has grown from strength to strength. As one of the first legally licensed distillers, The Macallan has set a standard to distinguish itself as one of the leading single malt whiskies in the world today. Taking great pride in its exemplary craftsmanship, The Macallan distinguishes themselves in a number of different ways from rival brands, such as using their famed Taste Exclusive The Macallan : Combining Traditional Whisky Techniques with Modern Branding curiously small stills which are amongst the smallest in the whole of Speyside. This approach allows for the spirit to have maximum contact with the copper, thus helping to produce the unique and globally- renowned rich, fruity and full-bodied taste characteristic of Macallan whisky. Another distinct characteristic of The Macallan is the wood used in the creation of their casks. Using only two kinds of oak exclusively, the brand is able to ensure the outstanding quality, colour and distinct aromas and taste that its whisky has become famed for. American oak sourced specifically from Ohio, Missouri and Kentucky is one of those chosen, and is typically associated with aromas of, vanilla, lemon and coconut. In contrast European oak, the second kind of wood used, is sourced from the Spanish regions of Cantabria and Galicia, as well as from the French Pyrenees. By using two distinct types of wood The Macallan allows for new aromas to infuse through the casks to the spirit, creating notes of dried fruit, orange scent and spices and bringing a distinctive taste to its revered whiskies. The casks used in the production can take up to six years to produce, from the moment the tree is harvested to when it is finally filled with The Macallan spirt. An emphasis on using these specific casks is a crucial part of The Macallan brand, because up to 80% of the final aromas and flavours of the final product is provided by the casks used in production, which help to create the luxurious product the brand is now famous for.