Summer 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 87 Summer 2019 The attention to detail and heritage that goes into the production of the brand’s whisky is also apparent in the new boutique collection opening in DXB. Drawing direct inspiration from The Macallan distillery, the boutique cleverly uses architecture, materials, aesthetics and visuals to create an immersive experience that relates back to the brands home in Speyside. Space is cleverly manipulated in the boutique to bring a unique experience to each of the visitors. There is a signature oak lattice centerpiece, which is proudly displayed, creating a direct connection to the brand’s innovative roof in Speyside through the style and architecture. The boutique also proudly offers a special video wall made up of distinct 360-degree cinematography, which explores the brands history and showcases unique interviews with key members of the Macallan estate. These cutting-edge technologies combined with the traditional, natural elements of the space combine to offer all visitors, from lifetime Macallan fans to first-time tasters, a truly unique and immersive insight into The Macallan brand. Alongside its new boutique, The Macallan opened their new distillery and visitor experience in 2018, designed to combine the whisky making heritage with the innovative vision that is always apparent in the brand’s focus. Taking design inspiration from the ancient Scottish hills that surround the distillery, the architecture is designed to maximise the aesthetic beauty of the building, while at the same time not spoiling the picturesque landscape of Speyside to create an awe-inspiring experience for whisky lovers from all over the world to visit The launch of the boutiques is the second phase of the brand’s drive towards bringing the whisky industry into the 21st Century. Suzy Smith, Managing Director from The Macallan, discusses how the brand’s latest offerings are all part of its focus on bringing the world’s finest whisky to the world’s most discerning drinkers. “It has been a year since we opened the doors of our new distillery and visitor experience, which was one of the most exciting moments in our history as a brand. The next chapter in our story is the launch of our boutique programme, which will bring whisky-lovers across the world even closer to our home on Speyside. Each store will be a gateway to the world of The Macallan, from the stunning cinematography of the Easter Elchies estate to the exceptional whisky available to taste. “As we continue to roll out these boutiques globally, we hope more people are able to catch a glimpse into the home of the world’s most valuable single malt. Partnering with Le Clos to open the first outlet will allow us to deliver a true luxury shopping experience to travellers, showcasing our quality product offering and exceptional service.” Following its exciting launch, The Macallan Boutique at DXB will be a new home to a carefully selected range of whisky, including some of the ‘core range’ such as The Macallan 15 and 18-year-olds, as well as some special inclusions and exclusives to boutiques. Highlights of the current prestige collection include rare bottlings from the Masters of Photography, Golden Age of Travel and Exceptional Single Cask ranges. One of the exclusives to the boutique will be the Macallan Boutique Collection. Each year a new small batch will be released and made available exclusively to visitors of the boutiques, the distillery and The Macallan website retailing at $202 and being bottled at 52% abv. Ultimately, LUXlife has seen firsthand the luxury and beauty of these boutiques and tasted the exquisite whiskies the inaugural one houses. Over the coming years, Macallan Boutiques will be opening first at a number of major international hub airports throughout 2019. What began at Terminal 3 at DXB will blossom into an empire of luxury boutiques showcasing a legacy of excellence in whisky distilling.