Summer 2019

89 Apr19473 The Hair Lounge Godalming : So Much More Than a Hair Salon The Hair Lounge Godalming offers expert, non-surgical hair replacement services that give their clients a new lease on life, restoring lost confidence, in a setting that is private and relaxed. Following their recognition as LUXlife’s ‘Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Specialists of the Year’ in the 2019 Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards, we spoke with the Hair Lounge’s Owner, Tara Phillips, to find out more. In an industry which seems plagued with poor advice, The Hair Lounge Godalming acts as a shining example, providing best in class, expert services for clients who are suffering with hair loss. Whether hair loss is the result of Alopecia or male pattern baldness (or anything in between), Tara and her team have the experience, talent and skills to help, as she takes a moment to explain in more detail. “The Hair Lounge Godalming uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques, with all of our solutions giving the appearance of hair growing out of the scalp. Our hair system membrane is 0.03mm thick, replicating a client’s skin, and is air active meaning the skin can still ‘breathe’. The hair system is fitted and then cut to the desired style. The longevity of each system is down to the wearer’s lifestyle and body chemistry, but someone can expect to get about three to four months wear. People can swim with them on, go on roller coasters… just live their lives like anyone else.” Tara continues, offering more background to her work. “I am the UK trainer for a company called Total Cover Plus, who have revolutionised the hair replacement market. Working with well-trained hairdressers and barbers, we replicate authentic every day styles and fashions for people suffering from hair loss. We help people gain back their lost confidence.” Naturally, with this point very much in mind, The Hair Lounge has not only succeeded on the back of the effectiveness of its treatments, but on its dedicated approach to the client experience. “I believe that showing empathy and listening to my clients has helped me become so successful. In addition, having high standards plus attention to detail ensures everyone leaving the salon is educated in home maintenance plus has access to private groups on social media platforms enabling clients to seek guidance from fellow system wearers – this had helped create a very loyal ‘family’ of system wearers. Hair loss can be a very isolating condition so knowing you have access to support can be very liberating.” Despite The Hair Lounge Godalming’s significant success, the market can be a challenging environment to thrive in, as Tara discusses further. “It is a very tricky market where staffing is concerned. I am always looking for team members – the job requires a mix of skills, which means that I have to think of different recruitment campaigns to get the right talent. However, I will always have a small team to ensure there is the intimacy at every appointment. It’s a priority to keep the salon calm and relaxed. At the end of the day, none of my clients want to sit in a salon that is always filled with hustle and bustle, so the team need to be able to modify their personality to each client.” Compounding the difficulty in the market is the prevalence of poor advice when it comes to mitigating hair loss. “Ultimately, I am dedicated to giving this niche field credibility to help people find the right type of solution in the future, rather than having bad experiences due to outdated services still offered due to a lack of knowledge about current technology or techniques. People are ashamed to admit they have hair loss as, in society, everyone strives for perfection and hair generally plays a large role in determining your personal image.” Finally, Tara moves on to discuss the future of The Hair Lounge Godalming, as they look to improve their services and expand their team in the year ahead. “I am looking for a new team member as I would like to branch out into offering scalp therapy treatments also add extra male grooming services to allow all our male clients the ‘barbershop experience’ I am always on the lookout for new technology and research current trends to ensure we are ‘on trend’ with latest techniques.” Dear Tara, You were a god send when I found your saloon. I was travelling 2 1/2 hours each way to the only clinic I could find that helped people like me with alopecia and their system was quite heavy. You were just a matter of miles away and right from the beginning you were kind, understanding and took time to explain the system you use. Your system is so light that once it is fixed on I completely forget it is there. I live a very outdoor type of life and have tested the hair system in quite severe weather including sailing and deep-sea diving and it never moves or feels vulnerable. You are a god send and bless you for changing my life. - Client testimonial Company: The Hair Lounge Godalming Name: Tara Phillips Address: 3 Queen Street, Godalming, GU7 1BA, United Kingdom Website: Telephone: +44 01483 422007