Summer 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 9 Summer 2019 experience, and I am most happy with the end result. “The Federation Equestre International in Lausanne created for Princess Haya and the Villa Dubochet in Clarens – where we worked in close collaboration with the Heritage Department of Historic Building for Switzerland – are close seconds.” As briefly touched on, ADELI has forged a reputation in the industry for creating stimulating spaces that never fail to be, at their core, interesting – whether that is from a design perspective, or simply as a lay-observer. “When we create a space, we try to put ourselves in the place of a photographer or the first visitor to the room and strain to see the answer to the question, ‘what are we going to discover first? It is always the first impression that speaks to the heart of a project in our experience, likes when you meet another person for the first time. Spaces are the same. They have an identity. A personality. Moreover, wherever you stand in the finished project and whatever perspective you take must be like a photograph or a painting – it must be like art. That is our vision.” As we come to the end of the interview Siavosh offers some insight into where ADELI goes from here – what’s next for his firm? “We are planning, between 2019 and 2020, to work on a new prospect: to create a line of furniture under the label “ADELI” and try to participate in the next furniture fair in Milano, or possibly the year after. Our primary goal is to create a second entity called “ADELI Exclusive Furnitures & Design LTD” working in parallel with “ADELI Interior Architecture & Partners LTD” for projects. We have already created a carpet line that is currently in production in India, and have created some furniture, such as desks and sketches of armchairs and sofas that we will put in production soon with Italian companies.” It’s the carpet line that Siavosh chooses to linger on a moment longer, discussing his initial thought processes and fundamental design ethos. “The carpet is comprised of three pieces – we have already received one as an example. We created the line on a purely conceptual basis which was the idea of ‘nature and architecture destroyed to create a new world and perspective’. The idea for each carpet is to find a totally devastated universe but with a vision and imagery that looks towards the future, mixing colours and shapes, revealing what would become of the world after its destruction. The purpose is not of course to depress people with this concept, but rather to say that there is always a new world and a new universe waiting for us after each destruction. Hope is always present no matter what!” Company: ADELI Interior Architecture & Partners LTD Contact: Siavosh Adeli, CEO and Founder Website: