Summer 2019

91 Mar19435 Driving Innovation and Evolution in Lighting Design ARTsolutions Group is a Portuguese lighting design consultancy company with a truly international presence across a plethora of sub-sectors and industries. Following their success being named as the ‘Best International Lighting Design Studio in Southern Europe’ in LUXlife’s 2019 Designer Awards, we took a closer look at ARTsolutions to find out more about their portfolio, ethos and work. Long overlooked, lighting design is finally having its time in the spotlight, with specialist studios emerging that harness dedicated expertise and experience to create exceptional solutions for a variety of different industries. Make no mistake, lighting can elevate the most mundane of spaces, creating interesting, original and memorable projects. All it takes is a trained eye and the right tools of the trade. It is here that ARTsolutions Group has made their mark. Working predominantly with exhibitions, and architects they have curated a portfolio of work that truly speaks for itself. Utilising a six-step method – Absorb, Explore, Involve, Distil, Communicate and Implement – they have built a reputation on the back of a comprehensive approach that focuses, primarily, on client-centricity. After all, communication remains a key element to great lighting, as they hope to convey a goal, mission, reaction, meaning or feeling. As ARTsolutions Group say in their own words: “The first step – Absorb - is to understand the client, gathering the maximum amount of information, opinions and research data available.” Using this as a springboard, the studio utilises their talents to “redefine an architectural space”. After all, lighting can accentuate and emphasise the smallest of architectural elements, reframing the space entirely. Open and airy spaces can be made to feel smaller and more personal, whilst small spaces can be made to feel much larger. It’s no surprise then, in the modern age of design, that lighting is becoming a key tool in the industry. Worthy of particular note is ARTsolutions Group’s dedication to conservation, and their commitment in the study of scientific advances and new technologies in their sector. In this, and in their own actions, they are looking to drive innovation in an industry which is only just beginning to be given the consideration is has long deserved. This really sets the tone for the studio in the years ahead – to improve, evolve, grow and adapt to the industry and their clients. For this, and for many other reasons besides, ARTsolutions Group was recognised as one of the finest lighting design firms in Europe, with a future that only looks set to bring further success. Company: ARTsolutions Group Address: Quinta da Marinha, Casa 25, 2750-004 Cascais, Portugal Website: Telephone: +35 12213 31000