Summer 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 97 Summer 2019 and throughout the Middle East. His eye for detail, fastidious nature and commitment to quality endeared him to some of the most revered members of society, all of whom were keen to work with this master craftsman. Throughout his journey this revolutionary has never forgotten his roots, and to this very day he still provides support to villages near his hometown. His charitable exploits include the provision of education for young girls, supporting young widows who have been left with nothing and providing employment for many members of the local community. This philosophy remains central to his work, even when creating luxurious residential developments such as his masterpiece, Hartland. Mr. Menon is keen to ensure that this exquisite development gives back to the community and the environment, which is why he has pledged that 30% of its 8 million square feet of land will be dedicated to creating green spaces where plant life can flourish. Within the built areas of Hartland he has created an infrastructure that will nurture and support members of the community he is so expertly crafting. There are two expansive schools within the development; each designed to offer the very finest learning experience to children from across Dubai. This sumptuous, luscious community will eventually house thousands of esteemed members of Dubai’s high society. There are exclusive canal side villas, as well as looming towers of luxurious apartments complete with maid’s rooms, swimming pools and beautifully manicured green spaces. These homes are designed to be the very crème de la crème. However, luxury is not defined as merely the expensive, nor the most decedent; instead, it is what you cannot find elsewhere. What separates Sobha Hartland from any other development in the world is the sheer quality and user-friendliness of its properties. Every aspect of each Sobha home is meticulously designed with the end-user in mind. From soundproofed patio doors that take no effort to shut to silent elevators gliding effortlessly to the top floors of expansive villas, no detail is overlooked. It is the tiny, intricate details of the construction of each of these stunningly crafted properties that is what sets them apart from any other development in Dubai. Sobha has a dedicated team of meticulous German Engineers who report directly to Mr. Menon, allowing him to oversee every detail of each Sobha Harland home. His companies undertake every aspect of the project, from the design and planning through to the execution, right down to the tiny details, including furniture manufacture. Any facet of the project that cannot be undertaken in-house is outsourced to companies that Mr. Menon and his team trust and respect, so that their clients receive only the best, and Sobha is completely accountable for everything that goes into the expansive luxury community that bears its name. Approximately $4 billion will be invested in this stunning project when it is completed, and whilst this may seem a colossal investment, Hartland looks set to be a true success. Each unit is selling as quickly as the team can complete it, and as such Sobha’s team is optimistic that it will eventually be home to the some of the world’s most renowned business leaders, creators and thinkers. President Jyotsna Hegde believes that Sobha Hartland’s success will come from the fastidious attention to detail of every member of its team, from Mr. Menon down to the team on site building these luxury homes. “Perfection has been the key focus for us on this project from the moment we began. Everyone is oriented towards creating something truly spectacular. Mr. Menon is keen to create something special, and everyone supports him in this. Each section of the Hartland project is separated into a small module, and everyone in each individual module strives towards perfection, so the whole will be the best residential project in Dubai when completed.” So, in summary, for those discerning homebuyers seeking to own a beautifully crafted piece of paradise situated in the epicentre of the luxury community, Dubai, Sobha Hartland is the only choice. Every inch of this development is meticulously sculpted down to the very last detail, creating a lasting legacy of luxury that will be home to future generations of innovators, revolutionaries and thought-leaders. To find out more about this truly luxurious development visit: