Summer 2020

11 Feb20509 Rebuilding Romanian CultureThrough Creativity Romania is a country steeped in history and culture, not to mention its breadth of rich architecture. From medieval to modern, communist to contemporary, interwar to innovative, Romanian architecture and interior design has been luxurious throughout history. Helping to preserve that history, whilst ushering in a new era of architectural brilliance is Noblesse Group International, recognized in LUXlife as Best for Horeca Project Architecture, 2020 – Romania. Discover more, as we profile the firm. Luxurious architecture and design doesn’t just happen overnight. Quite often, it is a lengthy process that requires no small amount of skill and collaboration between a myriad of different service providers. Bringing five luxurious brands together under one roof, Noblesse Group International provides luxurious services and products that connect the creative industry with the cultural one. The five brands are Noblesse Interiors, Studio inSIGN, Noblesse Palace, Fusion Arts, and Noblesse Academy; each one focused on a different aspect of creativity and culture. Noblesse Interiors is a masterful firm offering international interior design of the highest standard, whilst Studio inSIGN offer complete architecture and interior design services for residential projects, heritage buildings, hotels, restaurants, public spaces, HQs, and offices. Noblesse Palace, following its restoration, is the perfect venue for hosting high-class events, both corporate and cultural, whilst Fusion Arts acts as an art agency that brings together young artists from different fields through interior design projects, performances, art fairs, special events, expositions, and everyday life. Finally, the Noblesse Academy is a place where culture and its values are brought into the limelight once more; a place where historical elements intertwine with contemporary factors in the modern day. These five branches of Noblesse Group all unite to create unique projects that highlight the importance of culture and creativity. Whatever the project, the firm imbues it with luxury and style, bringing together a team of expert architects, designers, and engineers to offer innovative and optimized proposals for each client. The mission has always been the same for the team at Noblesse Group; to help develop urban culture by preserving and restoring historic buildings, promote young artists, and sustain involvement in the education and training of a new generation of architects and designers. It isn’t just one branch that focuses on this goal. The whole firm delivers, using its unique skillset. Today, Noblesse Group is an internationally recognized interior design and architecture company, thanks in no small part to the continually dedicated efforts of each branch and its respective teams. For many architects and interior designers, the main tendency is to obtain spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From there, the interior designers put a strong emphasis on the experience that users have in the space by fusing into it a careful consideration of the balance between form and functionality. When the team at Noblesse Group are involved in designing interior spaces, there is an equally strong belief that it is important to emphasize not only functionality and aesthetics, but also comfort, a healthy environment, and the most innovative solutions. Incorporating these three extra elements is not always easy. If it was, everyone would do it. What makes Noblesse Group’s offerings so luxuriously excellent is that each space achieves it, with an effortlessness that leaves clients and users breathless with wonder. In particular, the firm’s expertise within architecture and interior design has seldom been more apparent. The interior design industry has constantly been one of continual growth and development, offering new luxuries and sophisticated designs all the time. In order to stay ahead of the newly-emerging and strong competition, Noblesse Group has managed to maintain its market leadership position by offering the best interior design services. Not only that, but with each project that the firm undertakes, it always endeavours to take into consideration the latest trends in interior design which are then combined with the wishes and needs of the client. Whether working with a hotel or historical building, café or commercial space, the commitment to excellence from Noblesse Group remains completely the same across its extensive range of capabilities. Within the horeca sector exclusively, the firm has delivered untold luxury in the form of mansion-style and factory-inspired restaurants, Nordic and sophisticated five-star hotel rooms, lavish bistros, and intergalactic-themed sky bars. There is seemingly no limit to the amount of luxury that Noblesse Group can deliver, especially through each of its five expert members. Ultimately, the firm’s commitment to re-establishing the importance of culture and creativity in the heart of Romania’s capital is just one of the reasons Noblesse Group has experienced such great success. Its delivery on that commitment is another. Few architecture and interior design firms achieve what this firm does, let alone does it with such effortlessly luxurious results. Company: Noblesse Group International S.R.L. Contact: Elena Virlan Website: