Summer 2020

13 Feb20340 Designing a Dream What makes a house a home? For some, it’s the people who live there. For others, it’s the way in which the dwelling grows to reflect the owner. The team at inT Design Furniture Limited have spent years working on the perfect way to combine functionality with a sense of style, tailoring their designs to suit their clients’ needs in every respect. Known to LUXlife as one of its Recognized Leaders in Interior Design and Decoration Services, 2020 - Hong Kong, we look a little deeper at the firm to find out more. Interior design is such a personal topic, and when done well manages to outwardly share part of a person, while enhancing the attributes that a house has to offer. Years of experience and professional vision has allowed the team to grow and develop into exceptional designers for their clients who are able to make a house into a comfortable place for a family to live in. When working on a project, what makes inT Design the option of choice in Hong Kong is its ability to adapt easily to different projects and demands. The team uses freedom and flexibility to ensure a holistic approach to the challenge of reinventing a house. While some simply do their own thing, knowing a client hired them because they’ve appreciated their taste before, the team at inT Design ensure that all parts of the process are completed in consultation with the client. This not only allows them to give professional advice to their employers, but actually opens up the possibilities of this honesty providing them with more work. Currently, the process covers things like living habits and favorite styles to name but a few, which is the springboard from which the HK team is able to draw a whole new design for a house with relative ease. With the clear mission statement of “We Design Dreams”, it’s clear that inT Design places a great deal of importance on the value of creating something truly extraordinary. The exceptional design team have taken the most interesting elements behind color and layout, and have committed themselves to helping to creating designs that would appeal to the tastes of modern urban people. The results are truly stunning, showing the way in which a space can be totally reinvented through some basic design choices. When turning to inT Design, it’s important to remember the incredible range that the brand has at its fingertips. Able to cover everything from residential to business to office design, the team have demonstrated time and time again their ability as professionals to match the specific needs of their clients taking into account practical limitations and branding requirements. Perfecting the corporate environment can be especially complex, but when done correctly can make a huge difference to an organization in creating a stress-free environment. These developments can be a challenge, requiring a lot of thought when it comes to creating a view that encourages a workforce to feel welcomed and able to focus on work as well as one which is inviting to newcomers and makes a good first impression. It also involves ensuring that the space is clear and simply laid out to give the chance to quickly understand any changes. Finally, the unique taste that comes from years of working in the field pays off in these environments with a bespoke approach that understands the needs of the business they are representing. For inT Design, the world of interior design is one which they are experts in, able to draw on a wide range of experiences to create the best possible project for a client. Their success is no surprise taking this into account, and looks set to propel them forward for years to come. Contact: Jacky Lee Website: