Summer 2020

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 15 Summer 2020 The Observatory, designed by award- winning architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, is an architectural and experiential masterpiece. It is an extraordinary and effortless fusion of state-of-the-art technology and breath-taking natural integration. With a heated infinity pool and roof jacuzzi, guests will hardly have time to notice the exceptional work of the butler, maid, and chef who work tirelessly to serve guests in any way they can. There is also an automated observatory for stargazers who long to see the never-ending ocean of stars in the African sky. Sleeping six adults and three adults, this villa is spectacularly luxurious for families in search of an African adventure like no other. For those who prefer to stay in a more classically-African style accommodation, the Lodges offer stunning views over the Palala Valley from nine chalets that sleep up to a maximum of twenty people in pure comfort. Complete with multiple lounge areas, bar, snooker table, Wi-Fi, sunken fire pit, and stunning heated swimming pool built into the side of a mountain, this fully-staffed extension of the Leobo complex is just as luxurious. Crucially, all of the accommodation is rented exclusively to one group at a time to ensure that guests are made to feel completely at home, indulging in as much of everything on offer as they please. When offering a luxury experience, privacy is key. Seldom are there luxurious experiences that are continually interrupted by other individuals. As well as the complete privacy of accommodation when staying at Leobo, the reserve itself is also one of only a handful of sole-use private reserves in Africa. Offering complete exclusivity, guests at Leobo can explored the reserve to their hearts content; all 20,000 acres of it, encompassing rugged rocks, mountainous areas, bushveld savannah, rivers, gorges, and an abundance of wildlife. Teeming with plains game, guests can enjoy all of Leobo to themselves, without fear of others ruining what is sure to be the holiday of a lifetime. Safari in Africa wouldn’t be a proper safari without the chance of seeing some of the most awe-inspiring creatures in the world. There is an abundance of wildlife and birdlife at Leobo, and viewing can be done from a Land Cruiser, quad bikes, or horseback, as well as bush walks at any time of day. Hippos, crocodiles, and buffalo make up some of the larger animals on the reserve, and there is a treetop campsite close to a hippo dam for a truly intimate experience. Enjoy a sundowner around the campfire and spend the night whilst these magnificent creatures come ashore to feed on grass. Despite the myriad of wildlife on offer at Leobo, the truly great animals lie in a neighbouring Big 5 reserve. Having teamed up, Leobo can take guests for a three-hour game drive there in search of those iconic creatures, such as the elephant, rhinoceros, and the mighty lion. Just a short fifty minute drive away, guests can experience an authentic game drive through the bush, whilst having the chance to encounter a lion or a powerful cheetah on the hunt for food. More than just another safari experience however, guests can make full use of Leobo’s private reserve for a myriad of activities that are sure to fulfil the dreams of anyone fortunate enough to visit this slice of heaven. There are no shortage of ways to traverse the reserve, including helicopters, quad bikes, cross country Polaris, sky diving, rope climbing adventures, kayaking, horseback, jeeps, and good old fashioned walking. From the lofty clouds above, to snaking through ancient cave systems, the luxury of Leobo is yet again apparent in its wealth of choice as to how guests want to spend their holiday. It’s not all action and adventure, however. Guests are also spoilt for choice when it comes to options for the utmost in relaxation. They can take a line and go fishing across more than eight kilometres of river rich in bass and trout. Alternatively, guests are encouraged to leap into the water and cool off with a refreshing dip in wild waters near a cascading waterfall. Don’t worry though, crocodiles and hippos are nowhere to be found, ensuring the utmost safety whilst wild swimming. Yoga can also help soothe the body and relax the mind. Offering private and group sessions, Leobo guests can revel in the picturesque setting of the reserve whilst experiencing a yogic session like no other. Breathing deep the fresh air whilst absorbing the African heat and feeling the gentle caress of a light breeze makes for one of the most relaxing experiences imaginable. One of the most luxurious aspects to life at Leobo is the distinct lack of daily programs and time restrictions. There is no agenda or timetable, and guests are no forced to do anything they don’t want to. Rather than wake up at 5am for a game drive, this boutique reserve promotes having a much- deserved lie in after a late night indulging at the bar. It’s a holiday, after all. A massage therapist is on hand every single day, with her services included in the rate. Rangers can entertain the children, whilst the adults take some much-needed personal time for proper rest and relaxation. Activities are completely at the guests discretion, and they seamlessly blend into one another until guests have done so much more than they could have ever thought possible. Try as though we might, it is simply impossible to describe just how luxurious Leobo truly is. More than the sum of its individual parts, this outstanding luxury getaway is at the pinnacle of what it means to live like a king. Guests can do more than they ever thought possible from an African safari vacation, but most importantly, they can revel in the beauty that is South Africa’s wild countryside, and reconnect in this stunning sanctuary of life. Contact: Rory Sweet Website: Luxury can mean many different things to different people. Some may prefer the absolute peace and tranquillity that comes from private luxury far from the madding crowds of tourists flooding cities across the world. For others, it is the desire to explore somewhere new and immerse oneself in a new culture surrounded by the locals. Perhaps luxury comes from the adrenaline rush when partaking in thrilling activities that can’t be experienced every day, such as sky diving, helicopter-based paintball wars, or speeding through an African reserve on a high-spec cross country Polaris. What if you had the chance to experience all three, at the same place? Imagine trying to book a luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime holiday that suits the desires and demands of everyone going. Almost impossible, right? Almost, but not quite, thanks to Leobo Private Reserve. A veritable paradise on Earth, Leobo is a 20,000-acre estate within the stunningly beautiful Waterberg mountains, located just a three hours’ drive north of the city of Johannesburg. No longer do those in search of a wealth of activities have to sacrifice anything when crafting that perfect luxury holiday. This private villa retreat and safari experience is one that simply cannot be matched, anywhere else on Earth. The breadth of activities and luxuries seems to extend forever, ensuring that for everyone who arrives, there is something to make it the holiday of a lifetime. Crucial to any African safari experience is the accommodation, ensuring that guests who have paid for luxury, absolutely get it. Leobo is home to such luxury, guaranteeing the perfect place from which guests can experience the splendour of the reserve in all of its glory. What is arguably the most luxurious safari accommodation across the whole of Africa is the superb Observatory Private Villa. From an architectural, stylistic, and experiential standpoint, there are few better than this luxurious offering.