Summer 2020

Oct19103 A Little Piece of Paradise The word paradise carries with it a promise. It’s an almost impossible promise of luxury, of calm, of true satisfaction. No one understands this more than the team behind Island Escape by Burasari. With pampering their purpose, they earned the title of World’s Best Emerging Luxury Island Resort in 2019. We turn to this charming example of their work to see how they’ve managed to achieve this. The island of Koh Maphrao, just off the edge of Phuket, has a charm all its own. An undiscovered beauty nestled in Thailand’s Andaman Sea, it was always going to be the perfect place in which to develop an island resort aimed at true luxury. Here, people can take a step back and appreciate the wonders that time and space have to offer. With no need to hurry, this dreamscape boasts a wide variety of appealing aspects that will keep people coming back for years to come. Island Escape is an escape in every sense of the world. Though only five miles from Old Phuket Town, the island has developed its own sense of being. A charming mix of private villas and rooms, each sustainably designed using natural materials and authentic elements, allows visitors to choose how they wish to live. Far from the madding crowd, it’s possible to relax for a moment and simply be. Island Escape is a place for all the family, with carefully curated adults-only places and child-friendly spaces designed to allow everyone to unwind and relax. Of course, the real appeal of Island Escape is its breath- taking scenery. Guests find themselves enveloped in a rich landscape of lagoons, waterfalls and gardens. Those lucky enough to have a villa with an ocean view can witness the splendour of the sea whenever they like in perfect comfort. The buildings are beautifully designed not to blend in, but to add to the surrounding area. Few places consider their properties as part of the world, but the use of carefully chosen natural materials and authentic elements makes this a sight to remember. When on sight, guests are invited to use all of the exceptional facilities on offer. The resort has three private beaches and three swimming pools in which one can learn to appreciate anew rest and relaxation. A bar, shared lounge and verdant gardens also give ample opportunity to meet new people and share in the wonder of Island Escape. Those who visit seldom forget to mention the astonishing food that is created in the resort. Using authentic recipes and techniques, the cuisine on offer is simply exquisite. Kantok is the name of the premier restaurant on site, though other delightful options are available. Named after a handmade low rattan table used in Northern Thai households, friends and family are invited to do the same at Island Escape. Although the resort is close to the hustle and bustle of Phuket, it’s incredible that the team at Island Escape have been able to build an eye in the middle of the storm. There is a sense of piece and calm that drives the team forward. In a world where everything is frenetic, here the pace is just so. Watching the sun rise over the ocean is something that money can’t buy. It’s something thoroughly unique, and yet Island Escape can offer this to its guests over and over again. Paradise doesn’t seem so far away.