Summer 2020

18 Mar20283 Best Luxury Portable Restrooms Supplier 2020 No event is complete without considering the all-important facilities that allow the day to go without a hitch. The team at Royal Restrooms have proven time and time again that they can provide a porta potty that goes above and beyond. Named Best Luxury Portable Restrooms Supplier 2020 in LUXlife’s Global Wedding Awards, we took a closer look at how this firm has changed the face of restrooms across USA. It’s easy to forget the importance of the facilities at an event, but every aspect is key to ensuring all expectations are met. This is the approach that has driven Royal Restrooms since its inception. For too long, people have settled for porta-potties with no lights, toilet paper, running water, or room. Now, as Royal Restrooms attests, the time has come for a revolution. Ordering from Royal Restrooms brings the comforts of home to an event. Instead of the outdated, dirty, cramped constructions, the team have produced a regal portable restroom experience™, combining impressive décor, music, and their signature touch of a butter mint on the countertop. Housed in an outside trailer, it’s possible for a Royal Restroom to go anywhere, combining an unbeatable package for those interested in providing the very best facilities to their guests and clients. Once limited to Savannah, these highly desirable restrooms have been franchised across the country. Now available in 15 states, the team have brought a touch of class to an industry previously looked down upon. More than that, the team at Royal Restrooms have a unique perspective on the events industry and know exactly what sort of restroom will suit a particular event. However, the team have not limited themselves to restrooms, and have expanded their services to provide top-tier showers on site. These trailers, ranging from two to eight stalls provide the perfect choice for everything from large weekend events to disaster relief. Each unit is able to provide roughly 450 hot showers before the propane needs to be replenished, giving clients an immense amount of freedom within which to operate. The rental options on all of these units vary greatly, with daily, weekly, and even long-term options available. Other options such as site attendants, generators, and additional water holding tanks are also on offer if required. The team at Royal Restrooms pride themselves on their flexibility and being able to adapt to a client’s specific needs is a major part of that. Such is the success of Royal Restrooms that the team have the ability to react quickly to any event. Quick mobilization is guaranteed, with the team able to deliver to locations across the contiguous United States within 48 hours of a confirmed rental. The team’s highly sought-after service is even available across international borders and waters. That they find their products in such demand is a tribute to the team’s pledge to build a reputation on integrity, reliability, dedication, and trust. So many people have had a negative experience of event restrooms that transforming the industry might seem like an impossibility. The Royal Restroom brand, however, is committed to managing it one step at a time. Through the use of state-of-the-art amenities with the highest standards of manufacture, it’s little wonder that the team have been able to achieve such success so far. Contact: Aixa Gonzalez Email: [email protected]