Summer 2020

25 Apr20146 WorkingWonders at anyWedding Party Born as an idea on a warm summer’s day after a tremendous pool party, mizaru ® is a truly exceptional brand that has its roots firmly in the passion of the individuals behind it. Creating something that they believed the world was yet to see, feel, hear, or taste, mizaru quickly became something more than just an idea. Join us, as we discover why mizaru is a must-have at any wedding and the brand is home to the Best Sustainable German Wedding Gift: miza wedding by mizaru ® . Over the course of two years, mizaru’s ‘fancy powder’ was developed with expert scientists in Switzerland, before undergoing various rounds of tasting and adjusting the secret recipe at the laboratory. After being officially registered by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety in Germany, mizaru had created the perfect After-Party fancy powder for exclusive events and those who crave socialhappiness. Not long after, the products began to shape and form into more unique offerings, and the miza wedding was born. mizaru is a first-class After-Party powder helps wedding guests to feel fresh in the morning after a long night out celebrating with their loved ones. It is enriched with important minerals, herbs, and vitamins like Vitamin B6, which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. mizaru has only 8 kcal, a fruity-fresh cherry taste, and is easy to take directly on your tongue. Take the first mizaru during partying and start your new day fresh with the second mizaru in the morning. The mizaru scientists even added a medicinal herb, which that the ancient Romans took 2,000 years ago after their celebrations. The miza wedding is the ideal wedding present for the bride and groom that want to share in the happiness of their day with every single one of their guests. One hundred sachets of the mizaru After-Party ‘fancy powder’ are pristinely stacked in a luxuriously precious black alder wood cassette box, adorned with golden decorations. It is absolutely perfect for those wedding guests who are looking for an exceptional and extraordinary wedding gift to give to the bride and groom. As it is sustainable and vegan, there is no reason not to get this magnificent box of taste-enhancing powder and make the special day even more so. Sure to be an eye-catching feature at any wedding, this first-class sustainable and vegan product is yet another talking point of the big day itself. Bartenders can get creative with the mizaru powder and create intriguing new flavours and twists on old classics. This is far more than just a gift; it is an experience that can be transformed and adapted for each individual that is fortunate enough to try it. In the years since its formation, mizaru has not only become infinitely more luxurious, but has leaned even more into its four values of fairness, uniqueness, cleverness, and keenness. Each product is made using fair payment methods to those responsible and is fair to the planet through its sustainability. Uniqueness comes from the people who use the product, with their personal stories, and the cleverness is a testament to the continuous learning that happens at mizaru. Finally, keenness is the passion that fuels mizaru. Everything is designed with love and passion, resulting in luxurious products that the team has worked keenly to make possible. There is no way that we at LUXlife could better summarise what mizaru means to those who use it and have benefited massively from its luxurious properties. Newlywed coupled Kalery and Adam Rongé shared their experience with the miza wedding gift box and summed it up perfectly after their marvellous wedding in November 2019 at Mahayana Romantic Beachfront Villas in Tulum, Mexico: “My husband and I are incredibly thankful to Sam and the mizaru Team! We had the miza Box at our wedding and everyone absolutely love it!! At the end of the night, the box was completely empty!!! It tastes good, the presentation of the product is on point, and the powder works wonders! If you are getting married or planning an event, please do yourself a favour and get the miza box! We woke up feeling great the day after, and ready for another party! Thank you again, Sam and your team for putting together a top-notch product in the market!!” A truly exceptional product deserves to be relished on the most exceptional of days. For any wedding, leave guests feeling energized, refreshed, and joyful at the events that are occurring by inviting them to try the wonders of the miza wedding gift box, and the powders that mizaru has painstakingly created. With its luxurious look, this is a must- have for any wedding that strives for the utmost in style, luxury, lifestyle, and socialhappiness. Company: mizaru GmbH Contact: Samuel Ernst, Founder & CEO Email: [email protected] Website: