Summer 2020

Contents 4. News 6. Living the High Life The Blue Mountain Luxury Lodge 8. Around the World Global Jetsetting 9. Traveling in Style Black Tie Travel 10. Retreat from Reality Iki Retreat Kairi Murakami 11. Rebuilding Romanian Culture Through Creativity Noblesse Group International S.R.L. 12. Stunning Sunset Chateau in Sedona A Sunset Chateau 13. Designing a Dream inT Design Furniture Limited 14. Inspiring Awe in Africa Leobo Private Reserve 16. Greek Getaway Radiates Romanticism Lithalona Villas & Houses 17. A Little Piece of Paradise Island Escape by Burasari 18. Best Luxury Portable Restrooms Supplier 2020 Royal Restrooms 19. From Hot Springs, Spring Success Glen Ivy Hot Springs 20. Stunning St Lucian Sanctuary Fond Doux Resort 21. Best in Bridal Beauty Belles & Brides 22. The Memory Makers Blue Diamond Resorts Cuba 25. Working Wonders at any Wedding Party mizaru GmbH 26. Swapping Lacklustre for Luxury Holiday Swap 27. Living a Life of Luxury in Laos La Seine Hotel 28. Fusing Fashion & Science Julia Daviy 29. Sophisticated collection of Osborne VORS & RARE sherry secure success D.O. Sherry 30. Fall in Love with Tiamo Resort Tiamo Resort 31. 5 Reasons Why the Galapagos Islands are a Perfect Holiday Destination Right Now Haugan Cruises 33. An Appetite for Africa Karibu 34. Stunning Shanghai Meets Beautiful Bangkok Shanghai Mansion Bangkok 35. A Magic Spark SPARK Architects 36. Retreat to Elephant Country Mahagedara Wellness Retreat 37. Redefining Luxury Burasari Heritage 39. Collaborative Culture Sun Multinational DMCC Contents 11. 16. 31. 19. 22. 28.