Summer 2020

30 Oct19219 Fall in Love with Tiamo Resort Situated on South Andros Island in The Bahamas, Tiamo Resort is comprised of 11 villas and two rooms for just thirty-eight guests at a time. With a private beach and unbeatable ocean views, this resort has built a peerless reputation through creating an idyllic and fundamentally beautiful vision of life. Following the resort’s recognition as 2019’s Best Luxury Island Getaway, we took a deep dive into Tiamo to find out more. Welcome to paradise. There are a plethora of luxury establishments that can boast of being a paradise on earth. Indeed, the luxury hospitality industry is vast and – even considering recent events – one that looks set to maintain its significant growth in the future. Choice, then, is plentiful and competition is high. The key then to enduring success in this market lies in an ability to distinguish yourself among exemplars and paragons. Whilst not as frenetic as, say, the top tiers of the technology industry, the luxury market hinges on a sort of arms race when it comes to delivering exceptional experiences and keeping pace with trends. But, occasionally, an establishment comes along that challenges the paradigm and looks set to become a true pacesetter – Tiamo Resort is one such establishment. Pitching itself as a Luxury Eco-Villa Resort, Tiamo has all the dressings of an idyll – all verdant palm trees, sapphire waters, alabaster sand and turquoise skies. Anyone familiar with the Bahamas would know what to expect upon arrival, though even then, there’s something just inherently special about Tiamo. Perhaps it’s the intimate size of the resort – only allowing for a maximum of thirty-eight guests at a time – or the clean, cosy design choices, promising an immediately relaxing atmosphere. On the latter, while the expected tropical theme is continued organically throughout, there are hints of dissention from the norms. Space, especially in the family-oriented Bird’s Nest, is plentiful and fit for purpose across its expansive two floors. As an eco-resort, Tiamo looks to impress with how it balances undoubtable luxury with guilt-free offerings. Sustainable luxury has often been seen as code for “stripped down” luxury, but that’s clearly not the case here. Rustic interiors and large open rooms look to invite the outside in, making full use of the incredible views across the resort. Clean lines, and modern trimmings are standard across Tiamo, bringing a considerate juxtaposition to the entire package. Here, Bahamian tradition symbiotically settles with the contemporary, ensuring that guests lack for nothing. Of course, it would be remiss to gloss over Tiamo’s activities. The resort’s location makes it one of the best fishing locations in the world, and this is reflected in the activities that Tiamo offers. Offshore fishing, and bone fishing remain essential to all fisherman, experienced or otherwise. Alternatively, Tiamo offers safaris, sailing, snorkelling, canoeing, scuba diving and, last but certainly not least, trips to Exuma to visit the island’s famous swimming pigs. All in all, it’s no surprise that Tiamo Resort has become a pacesetter on the luxury hospitality market. It remains a standout, even amidst its neighbours in the Bahamas. As testament to the resort’s ability to impress, it has recently become affiliated with the esteemed circle of Relais & Chateaux, an association comprised of some of the world’s finest hotels and resorts. It’s clear, then, that the future of Tiamo is very bright indeed. Tiamo Resort Address: Driggs Hill, South Andros Island, the Bahamas Website: Telephone: +1 786 374 2442