Summer 2020

9 Jan20430 Black Tie Travel is naturally designed for the high-net-worth individual and understanding these needs is important to providing the best possible service. The team recognises, however, that while many of its clients want to attend high profile events, more and more want to find ways to engage with, and immerse themselves in, the local culture. Far from looking for the most extravagant experience possible, many are looking to discover more about different ways of life and living. Understanding the reasons why someone is travelling makes all the difference in what the team recommend to a client as it is so crucial to bringing a destination to life. No matter what experience a client has had with professional travel planning, the team at Black Tie Travel guarantee a whole new approach that opens a host of opportunities. Not just the chance to find out more about the world in the lap of luxury, it’s the chance to join a select group of discerning travellers who want a more personal approach. Rejecting the standard expectations of glitz and glamor, the service that Black Tie Travel provides is one that aims to make a material difference to clients. The team works with them to ensure they receive the service that they want most. Memories are made in the moment, and the team at Black Tie Travel cannot wait to help make moments for you to cherish. Andrew Newman | [email protected] | +1-778-668-3509 Website: When it comes to getting away from it all, we all dream of travelling in the height of luxury, and the height of luxury is just what Black Tie Travel promise to provide. In the world of tailored travel planning, there’re none finer. Each decision is customized to match the client, varying depending on their interests, passions and style. From weekend getaways to dream trips, Black Tie Travel deliver the perfect result every single time. Members of Black Tie Travel receive the best possible service, with the team not limiting their involvement to providing exceptional travel, but finding ways to give clients access to the best sporting, cultural and entertainment events worldwide. Those wanting to see a Premier League match or gain VIP access to events like the Masters or Superbowl will be delighted to know that this is just the sort of service on offer from the team at Black Tie Travel. Those looking to travel are able to take advantage of the exceptionally good prices that the team has been able to secure exclusively for Black Tie Travel members on long-haul business class airfare. The team have worked hard to curate and nurture unique partnerships with industry leaders from around the world that can bring additional value to membership. As everything is custom designed, the team at Black Tie Travel can offer specialised insight into the best way to travel. They do this by developing strong relationships with clients that give them an intimate insight into what is required. At the heart of Black Tie Travel is a desire to make dreams come true, so collaboration is key. Those who work for the business work to the highest standards of professionalism, but with a bit of irreverence thrown in for good measure. It’s this potent combination that ensures enthusiasm for every project and a client’s trust that they will have an excellent time. What is luxury, if not the chance to do something that is entirely bespoke? For the team at Black Tie Travel, anything less is not luxury at all. Offering a full-service travel solution, the team have perfected providing the ultimate experience to its clients. It’s because of this commitment to excellence that the team were recognised as the Best Membership-Based Travel Service 2020 – Canada in LUXlife’s Travel and Tourism Awards. We turn to take a closer look at the company, profiling it to find out more. Traveling in Style