Summer 2021

14 2021’s Most Innovative Guest Experience Software Provider - Denmark GoodiePack works with top global brands that use the platform to ease their everyday lives and save time by giving a personal, unique and relevant welcome to all guests automatically. GoodiePack is an SMS-based marketing platform that helps companies cut through the noise and reach their audiences in seconds. The innovative GoodiePack platform allows companies within hospitality and events industries to pack relevant content into a link that is automatically pushed by text message to guests before arrival. Through this handy link, music venues, hotels and conferences can communicate practical information, lift their sales and give an amazing experience and service to their guests. Implementing easy sales and easy service in the guest industry, has made its mark on the world. The GoodiePack platform is built by in-house developers at the Danish office, and its customer success team is always ready to receive calls and answer any questions. Companies can even personalise their GoodiePack to fit not only their needs but also their brand. It all started in 2014 when Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Dalsgaard, came up with the idea for a digital goodie bag when she was organising an event during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Back in her native Aalborg, she teamed up with her co-founder René in 2015 to start building a platform that became an instant success. The two co-founders and owners have since been working on product improvements and strategy. With clients from all over the country, they quickly had to grow the team, and with investors knocking on their door, the expansion to new markets is right around the corner. “Since 2015, thousands of companies have used the award-winning GoodiePack platform to engage instantly with their audience while gathering data to improve sales and service,” explains Lisa. “The platform is used by companies that aim to communicate clearly relevant content to their guests.” With a large focus on providing excellent customer service, Lisa believes it is this attention to detail that is the key to success. “We work to help companies improve their service,” she continues. “In that way, GoodiePack walks the walk and sets an example of top- quality service.” It has perhaps never been more important for companies to communicate relevant information to guests as it has recently with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. “Over the last 12 months, guests have had a lot of Covid-19 relevant questions and being proactive in communicating can save the companies a lot of time. At the same time, the GoodiePack platform pushes content to the guests’ own devices, making sure that the guest does not need to touch paper folders, or payment ATMs in a period that favours contactless concepts, thanks to Covid-19.” The pandemic has also provided a period in which companies have had time to look at their operating systems and how they can improve on them, with many implementing the GoodiePack software as one of the most important systems in their organisation, thus lifting the sales and the service in turn. Now, is scaling globally and is getting requests from all over the world. It is safe to say that the future looks very bright indeed! Contact: Lisa Dalsgaard Company: Web Address: May21207