Summer 2021

15 Jun21171 Many people want to work with animals, but to Hanne, the key is always to work with people as well. This is the secret of her success. By focusing on the other end of the leash, she has designed an approach to behavioural change that has had an enormous impact on thousands of people. Company: Hanne Grice Pet Training & Behaviour Name: Hanne Grice Email: [email protected] Web Address: Since first opening her doors in 2006, Hanne Grice has made an incredible impact on the world of dog training and behaviourists. With the simple aim of providing a place for pet owners to receive expert advice, her firm has gone from strength to strength over the years allowing her to achieve remarkable success. The last fifteen years have seen Hanne helping thousands of clients, both human and animal, with bespoke training sessions, workshops, events and social media resources. Her belief is that everyone can benefit from having a friendly face to be around, so she works with an enormous range of people including working professionals, stay-at-home parents, schools and students of animal behaviour who simply want to enhance their skills. For those who have adopted a new furry friend into the household, there are always unexpected challenges to face. All of these are unique to the individual, but Hanne’s long history of expertise means that she is able to provide bespoke advice that fits the bill for all. Every pet deserves a place where they can feel safe and secure, and through her considerable expertise, she helps to create an environment that is calm for all. Of course, much of Hanne’s work revolves around the specific needs of the individual and a close working relationship with clients. The COVID-19 pandemic changed all of this in very short order. Overnight, Hanne had to revolutionise how she worked, transferring all Puppy & Dog courses, lectures, 1-1 training and consultations online. The professional attitude that Hanne always shows was rewarded by a smooth result for all concerned. During the last year, many families have sought solace in the addition of a new pet to the household. Homes the length and breadth of the UK gained dogs and cats to keep people active and excited. Within a couple of weeks of the first lockdown announcement, Hanne had put together a Bingo Game Card for new puppy owners to work through, giving them an insight into the structure that was needed to set a newly homed puppy up for success. The game went viral, and has been shared around the globe. The appeal of Hanne is clear for all to see, so it’s little wonder that she has achieved an incredible status within the pet community at large. Not only does she appeal to pet parents, but to professional peers as well. Her work has seen Hanne recognised as an MSc Applied Animal Behaviour lecturer and book author, who has been privileged to work with some of the best names in the industry. Respected figures such as Dr Clive Wynne, Dr Tiffany Howell and Professor Julie-Marie have proudly collaborated with Hanne as they explore the potential of their own works. Pet owners face a formidable challenge, welcoming furry friends into their homes while trying to ensure that they behave impeccably. This is not an easy task, which is why many turn to Hanne Grice Pet Training & Behaviour for advice from one of the country’s leading animal behaviourists. We take a closer look at how Hanne has achieved such a remarkable degree of success. Animal Behaviourist of theYear 2021 (Home Counties): Hanne Grice