Summer 2021

17 May21366 Germany’s Most Innovative Premium Cosmetics Brand - 2021 Inspira: cosmetics offers solutions for all relevant beauty problems and also has a wide range of specialities. Volker Kloubert tells us more about how the innovative firm has been able to continue finding beauty in the face of adversity. Founded in 2000, German company inspira: cosmetics is based in Aachen and produces and markets high-quality, contemporary cosmetic products for individual skincare worldwide. The development of outstanding and highly effective products with excellent compatibility is a matter of course for inspira: cosmetics. The products visibly improve the appearance of the skin and allow the user to feel the best they possibly can for his or her respective age. inspira: cosmetics offers cosmetic studios, spas, medical spas, dermatological practices and relevant professional product concepts for skin care, as well as tailor-made treatment products for professional use. The range is developed according to the latest scientific findings and manufactured to the highest quality according to the latest GMP cosmetics. Leading cosmetic laboratories develop products that meet current consumer needs and are formulated according to the latest scientific research. Natural and biotechnologically produced ingredients and active substances are preferred in the selection of raw materials. The motto is: maximum effect, but as natural as possible. Managing Partner, Volker Kloubert, tells us more about inspira: cosmetics ethos. “A personal and fair customer relationship based on partnership is a matter close to the heart of the company,” he explains. “We are a family business with a very flat hierarchy and we put a focus on the personal contact and a relationship on eyelevel.” The company supplies beauty professionals, dermatologists and retailers worldwide, contacting new and potential clients via a dedicated sales team, as well as attending and exhibiting at trade shows all over the world, via social media and via online meetings in order to get the brand out there. As with many businesses, a committed and loyal staff base is crucial to the success of a company as they are the ambassadors for the brand, as well as responsible for maintaining close relationships with customers, anticipating their needs and supporting them. Volker tells us that the team at inspira: cosmetics is no different and relies on its employees to ensure its continued success. “When recruiting new talent, the soft skills factor is very important to us,” he begins. “Of course, the new candidate must have a sound training in business but we think it is of the same importance that we can give our client a feeling of wellbeing and good service when in contact with us”. In a turbulent world that has been ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic, Volker believes that finding the right balance of personal and digital contacts will become a huge challenge moving forward. “We have learned that when trade shows were cancelled and personal meetings were not possible that online meetings can be a substitute, but only to a certain extent. I think that personal contact is also necessary as cosmetics is about skin, about people and is a very personal issue.” Regarding the future, inspira: cosmetics vows to never stopped innovating or launching new products, and it has recently reworked its visual presentation with new model pictures and a new website, as well as launching a charity product which sees 10% of the proceeds being donated to the German Breast Cancer Association. “I think also in times of economic crisis it is important to stay relevant in the market, to be heard and to give to the world something beautiful.” Contact: Volker Kloubert Company: inspira: cosmetics GmbH Web Address: