Summer 2021

18 Providing excellence, openness and safety in all of the treatments it performs, Vie Aesthetics is a leader in the world of cosmetic solutions. We speak to Dr Ioannis Liakas about the company, its ethos, and how it has triumphed despite the turbulence caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Vie Aesthetics Regenerative Treatment Experts of theYear – Greater London Vie Aesthetics is a multi-award-winning, doctor- led chain of clinics based in London, Essex and Germany. For the last eight years, a highly skilled and specialised team of doctors and therapists, under the guidance of celebrated aesthetic doctor and Medical Director, Dr Ioannis Liakas, has offered the latest medical and cosmetic solutions under one roof. As a luxury brand, Vie Aesthetics provides cutting edge aesthetic treatments with stunning yet natural-looking results. The doctor-led team at Vie Aesthetics specialises in combining advanced non-surgical procedures and world-class, top of the range products to achieve stunning results for face, body, wellness and hair. With bespoke, personalised treatment plans, and globally award- winning customer care, the company can help men and women achieve their transformation goals in a discreet and subtle way. “Our mission is to provide non-surgical medical and cosmetic solutions for face, body, and wellness under one roof,” explains Vicky Grammatikopoulou, CEO of Vie Aesthetics. “Our aim is to create spaces, procedures and personalised services that combine clinical safety and excellence with a touch of luxury and style.” This customer-centric approach ensures that clients are safe and feel well cared-for as they embark on their transformative journey. Offering holistic, tailored non-surgical treatments for impactful yet natural-looking results, Vie Aesthetics’ guiding principle for the patient journey revolves around the question: “ What is the ideal transformational experience we would wish for ourselves? ” Each and every decision thereafter is grounded in, and prompted by, this query. Dr Liakas, Medical Director at Vie Aesthetics, is a shining gem in the world of aesthetics. Prior to becoming an industry leading practitioner, he worked for the NHS for