Summer 2021

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 19 Summer 2021 more than 20 years. As an award-winning aesthetician, he has been featured as an expert opinion on a number of occasions to educate consumers on safety and the latest medical innovations. Among his growing list of accomplishments, he is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP), an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary Medical School, and a Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. He is also extremely personable and helpful. During consultations and free reviews, Dr Liakas takes time to listen to your concerns and explain procedures in detail, to ensure that every client feels that they are in very safe hands. “We believe only the best is good enough for our clients,” Dr Liakas notes. “From the moment they pick up the phone to book their appointment, they become our top priority and we build relationships with our clients so as to guide them on their journey.” Clients visit Vie Aesthetics not only for the award-winning treatments and doctors but also for the entire Vie experience. Recently, the company created the role of Patient Coordinator, who takes each client on the specifically designed Patient Journey to ensure they receive the full luxury Vie Aesthetics experience. “We strive to provide the utmost luxury and bespoke experience by providing clients with a full drinks menu and tailoring their appointment by offering information on treatments they have pinpointed their interest in. The client always comes first, especially when it comes to the treatment” he continues. As a doctors-only clinic, the practitioners at Vie Aesthetics offer their expert advice to assist with any concerns clients may have. They always put the client’s best interest first, even if this means advising against having a treatment. At the centre of the business is the dedicated team. Dr Liakas tells us, “It is their efforts which have allowed us to continue growing since we first opened. With a collaborative working style in the clinic, each doctor has their own department and role, however everyone works together to move forward and see the clinic go from strength-to-strength.” All staff, from the front of house team to the marketing team to the management team, work in unison which ensures that everyone is on the same page and everybody knows what is going on in the other departments. Weekly staff briefings see the sharing of news from different departments so internal news doesn’t go amiss and, even if a member of staff is absent, Vicky will make sure they are still kept up to date. When recruiting, she looks for genuine and honest individuals who are interested in joining the firm’s efforts to build on its current successes and, while qualifications are important, it is equally important that individuals are willing to learn and adapt along with the company. Known for its excellence, Vie Aesthetics was recently awarded UK and Global Aesthetic Practitioners of the year at the MyFaceMyBody awards 2020, alongside Best Soft Surgery Practice for Greater London 2020. The firm was also finalists in a number of awards including the Aesthetics Awards with The Aesthetics Journal for Medical Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year (Dr Ioannis Liakas), and was highly commended as Clinic Reception Team of the Year and Best Clinic of the South. Most recently, it was named Most Outstanding Clinic of the year at the LUXlife Leaders in Luxury Awards 2021 and Regenerative Treatment Experts of the Year in the LUXlife Health Beauty and Wellness Awards 2021, which Dr Liakas describes as a true honour. The award is testament to the hard work of the team at Vie Aesthetics, who have triumphed in the face of adversity as the world was ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic. The effects of Covid-19 impacted every industry in different ways and Vie Aesthetics was not immune to the turmoil caused. “As a medical and cosmetics clinic, we were denied any business relief during the pandemic, however, for the safety of our staff and clients, we chose to close for three months during the first lockdown in March 2020,” explains Vicky. “Since reopening in June 2020, we have been following stringent guidelines and despite another two lockdowns, we have been able to safely continue offering medical treatments. We were determined to not allow the pandemic to hinder our business as well as our social capabilities.” In fact, since March 2020 the company was fortunate enough to employ nine new members of staff, all while working towards the launch of a brand-new clinic in Holborn. “We are so excited to be opening our brand new five-storey clinic in the heart of Holborn,” she enthuses further. “With plans to open in the summer we cannot be prouder of the growth we have been able to achieve since opening our very first clinic made up of just one doctor.” Located directly opposite the ITN building, it is hoped that the Holborn clinic will welcome a whole range of new clients, as well as welcoming back some of their international clients too. The new clinic isn’t just about location however, as Vie Aesthetics has introduced lots of new treatments, including the incredibly popular Morpheus8 and BodyTite treatments; 24K gold leaf facial; the BOCA lips one-thread-lift; DermaluxLED a brand-new LED Light therapy. Plus, adding to the growing list of signature treatments is the VieMaxSculpt, an EMS treatment, and VieStemRF, a combination skin tightening treatment. Vie Aesthetics is a key opinion leader in its field and has introduced a number of treatments to the UK and Essex. It was the first clinic in the UK to feature Endopeel, BOCA Lips One -thread lip lift, Seffiller and Seffihair stem cell micro- transplantation, VieStem Hair with Regenera Activa and, more recently, the first clinic to bring the increasingly-popular Morpheus8 treatment to Essex. Dr Liakas notes “As key opinion leaders, we were also asked to be among the first few clinics in the UK to use a brand-new dermal filler even before its official launch. “We are constantly evolving and working to add the latest trend in aesthetics to our treatment list because our clients trust us to deliver the latest and most advanced treatments to help achieve their desired results.” Name: Dr Ioannis Liakas & Vicky Grammtikopoulou Company: Vie Aesthetics Web Address: