Summer 2021

40 Apr21251 Best Bridal Photographer (Texas):Tomas Ramos With a wide range of photography examples available for perusal through its website, all with a through-line of the beauty and magic it captures in every single shot, Tomas Romas has made itself an exemplary photography company. Operating out of Texas, but travelling to clients worldwide, its services never fail to impress. Tomas Romas is a Photography and Film Productions company, providing its market segment with exemplary and stunning photography that captures the magic of the moment. Above all else, it wishes to provide the quality that a client deserves, encouraging them to expect only the best – and consistently delivering every single time – whether shooting for a wedding, a trash-the-dress gig, or a multiple locations shoot. Fundamentally, its motto is ‘top notch’ customer service throughout its work, as well as unique photos that will allow a client to remember the best bits of the landmark moments in their lives, reflecting the individuality of the couples with the distinctive eye of Tomas Ramos. In tandem with this, Tomas Ramos bills itself as being the photography company for the passionate bride, artistic groom, and unique wedding. It promises an experience as well as an exemplary end product, pinning itself head and shoulders above its competition by ensuring that each customer has a fantastic time when at its shoots, feeling cared for, encouraged, and appropriately the centre of attention. Furthermore, Tomas Ramos himself has over 3 decades in experience and is world renowned in his field, working with a team of exemplary people who help him create the shoot that of the client’s dreams, from preparing the location itself to the capturing the grand exit, as well as the smaller more candid moments. It will never overlook an opportunity to immortalise the passion and beauty of its subjects. This photography and filmography company is based in Houston, Texas, but is a globetrotting service that will go above and beyond for its clients every single time. Another exemplary aspect of Tomas Ramos’ work is that it prizes the story behind the day. Consequentially, clients can expect their returned photos to weave a beautifully put together narrative from start to finish, following the emotions and reactions of the attendees in order to ensure the best memories can stay with a client into perpetuity; a feat it achieves with in-depth attention to detail and knowledge of the client’s own goals and vision. In this way, it shows how much it values its client’s input. From the very first interaction with them, it will strive to get to know them at an in depth level, asking them what feel they want from their photos and explaining to them how it can help them achieve this, bolstered by its expansive and beautiful portfolio of past work. Moreover, this portfolio shows beautifully how its capabilities cover a wide variety of clients and styles. The binding factor between all of them, however, is how stunning the results always are, with Tomas Ramos consistently dedicated to the creation of high quality and professional photographs. Tomas Ramos, as well as weddings and engagements, also offers a variety of other services that it can lend to its couple’s special day. It can handle a couple’s custom graphics and prints, as well as save the dates, toning, digital files provision, one event per day style shoot schedules, shooting with a second photographer outside of the company, and much more – above all, whatever the client wants, it will strive to make happen. Furthermore, it also boasts strong liability insurance and a cavalcade of glowing reviews and recommendations through websites such as Facebook, with an incredible score of 5/5 across 39 reviews. Theses reviews speak of Tomas Ramos’ attitude when it comes to working with his clients, as well as calling the man behind the camera a true storyteller whose pictures are ‘truly worth 1000 words’, taking any alterations, changes, or requirements in his stride as he works. Tomas Ramos encourages any prospective clients to get in touch post-haste, looking forward to capturing the love of many more couples as the wedding industry begins to recover from Covid-19. Company: Tomasramos Photographers and Film Contact: Tomas Ramos Website: