Summer 2021

44 Mar21332 Breaking Out of the Box Based in Malta and having recently been accredited with ‘2021's Award for Excellence in Luxury Interior Design Services’ for the region, Vera Sant Fournier has become famous for thinking outside the box. Pushing back against the normal of its industry, bucking trends, and blazing the trail towards the future of interior design and what that will look like for clients across the globe, its efforts inspire its clients and competitors alike. When clients begin working with Vera Sant Fournier, and see the work that it does, they often say that afterwards they wish every building they enter could be designed by its experts. Fundamentally, its work is both stunning and practically perfect for the client in question – allowing for an aesthetic structure that fits seamlessly around its clients livelihoods – as well as allowing them to enjoy the sheer amount of ‘joie de vivre’ that it incorporates into every element of the build. The eponymous Vera Sant Fournier herself became known for this on a personal level. In addition, she has accrued significant notoriety for her ability to be given an empty room and to work magic on that blank canvas, transforming it into a beautiful space that reflects the clients, their goals, and their lives, as well as showing the prestigious style synonymous with a Vera Sant Fournier design. Vera Sant Fournier is an expert when it comes to colour and ideation, translating concepts into aesthetically outstanding works of art that a client can be proud of. Additionally its multitude of glowing word of mouth testimonials and online reviews left by its clients agree that it is at the top of its game, making it stand out amongst its competition by standing by how its work outshines many of it competitors. Its work has therefore become famous for everything from style and form to fit and function, ensuring an exemplary quality of client-facing customer service; all of which allow it to combine a unique skillset and unique approach to push creativity to its limits. Fundamentally, if a client is seeking a design that will be totally individual to them, something that will make them stand out from the crowd, Vera Sant Fournier can help. The exemplary minds behind its efforts will always ensure that ideation sessions with its professionals is akin to opening a treasure chest – a client can expect to discover new aesthetics that they love as well as finding things that they adore, matching their existing stylistic sensibilities perfectly, and brilliantly implementing this into interior design plans. The portfolio of this company is similarly impressive. Working for a wide range of clients and with brands such as Design By Us, Missoni Home, Glamora, and Willow & Saints, its contacts within the industry allow it to bring together a cornucopia of beautiful and actionable ideas that will take a client’s space to the next level. Additionally, in order to serve its market segment, its offerings include premium interior design work, project management, e-design, consultancy and styling, and visualisation and animation, working across the sectors of the residential, the commercial, and even yacht design. By offering such a comprehensive service roster and across such different market segments, it has been able to make itself a darling of industry across a multitude of different companies and individuals, all of which sing its praises and have seen it be featured in a number of publications, such as Atelier Magazine. Based in Malta, its services are turn-key and international, for both private and corporate clientele. Previously, it was also featured in a BBeyond book, using this as a springboard in order to help it reach significant further success in its industry, making itself a household name with every project it takes on and completely rethinking the norms of interior design. By reworking the expected, and flipping the accepted paradigms on its head, its front-running innovations have set it on a path to success that shows no signs of slowing. Company: Vera Sant Fournier - Interior Design Studio Contact: Vera Sant Fournier Website: