Summer 2021

46 Apr21549 Sharing theWorld’s Natural Beauty As 2021's Award winners for ‘Excellence in Innovation’ in Sweden, Skogen’s naturally cultivated and environmentally friendly skincare products are granting it significant notoriety. As its name might imply, its business model is intrinsically tied to caring for the world around it, something it hopes to foster more of in its industry as the market segment begins to pivot. At Skogen Cosmetics, there is a prevailing drive towards betterment that has prevailed since its inception. As a company, it is based in both New York and Stockholm, and manufactures industry leading beauty products that intend to lead by example, showing its industry how the future could look – and innovating a path towards a more environmentally friendly tomorrow. Additionally, with over a decade of experience, it boasts ingenuity and past knowledge of its industry that will allow it to make the best choices for its future, having kept its finger on the pulse of new developments and discoveries. Initially, its journey started with the manufacture of luxury-grade cosmetics. This allowed it to serve a multitude of high-end brands and private labels all across the world, utilising its excellence in development and creation to pioneer new lines that impress and inspire end users across a multitude of products. After multiple years of doing this work, it realised that it could ply this trade for itself. Thus, it began to move away from creating its client’s products, and towards developing its own lines. This decision, fundamentally, was driven by Skogen’s commitment to luxury grade cosmetics that cultivate elegance, sophistication, and beauty, all underpinned by a dedication to sustainability and to caring for the earth. In sharing this with its industry and market segment it hopes to be a trail blazer as it joins the trend of a turning tide in the beauty industry, one of more conscientious customers looking for more environmentally friendly cosmetics that are ethical as well as effective in creating the look they want. Furthermore, Skogen’s strong belief in healthy living drove them to funnel significant effort into creating products that push the admiration for nature’s ability to provide for humanity. Due to this, it chose the name Skogen. The word itself in Swedish means ‘forest’, and it is here that it found its inspiration for all of its product lines, with a philosophy of encouraging better health for both its end users and the world in the macro scale. It is from this that its pride in its products comes from. Skogen, above all else, wishes to make its clients feel like their best self with brilliant and extraordinary products, sourcing the finest ingredients which are heavily vetted before it uses them – similarly, all of its products undergo rigorous quality control before being allowed to leave the facility. Moreover, the Skogen way is one of results. Its skincare systems deliver visible results for its customers by way of biomimetism, using elixirs from nature in their most true form with effective and optimised formulas that allow the ingredients to shine in the way they do best, promoting healthy, luxurious, high quality skincare that a client will love. Its dedication to consistent innovation also promises clients that it will never stagnate, too, always pushing towards the next greatest product and the next step towards environmental harmony; this has led to incorporation of natural multi-vitamins into its products, as well as hyaluronic acids and peptide enrichment. Skogen also promises its clients that each product is cruelty free, with high levels of dermatological testing, an active FDA registration that its facility operates under, and no artificial ingredients, GMO, or parabens. All of the aforementioned elements have come together to make Skogen a darling of its industry and a household name with increasing momentum, something it is excited to continue growing into over the course of the next few years. Company: Skogen Contact: David Johansson & Yamin Cheng Website: