Summer 2022

12 Apr22297 Dental Practice of theYear 2022 - Perth Iconic Dentistry and its sister company Iconic Medispa operate in order to provide clients with a premium service based upon their unique biology. Indeed, the clinic boasts a varied list of treatments, ranging from composite bonding to dermal fillers. Going forward, Iconic Dentistry hopes to expand upon this list in accordance with technological breakthroughs and industry trends. Based out of Perth, Australia, is a leading boutique dental clinic that is committed to providing an exceptional service to each of its clients. Iconic Dentistry specialises in aesthetic dentistry and smile makeovers, supplying its clients with smiles that they’ll be proud to show off. However, Iconic Dentistry believes in holistic care, and therefore is willing to see customers for all aspects of general dentistry and routine dental maintenance. In essence, the clinic endeavours to have customers leave feeling better than they came in. Aesthetic dentistry, in recent times, has gained a reputation for providing unnecessary and invasive treatments. People jet around the globe in order to find the cheapest way to achieve the bright white, perfect, Hollywood smile, which has resulted in many receiving treatments that damage or destroy healthy teeth. Unlike many of these dental practices, Iconic Dentistry respects biology and strives to provide minimalistic treatments that fulfil the client’s goal. Henceforth, the clinic is constantly searching for new technologies and techniques that allow it to enhance its methods for treatments such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening with clear aligners and orthodontic braces, and smile makeovers with veneers and composite bonding. As such, Iconic Dentistry has cultivated a diverse range of clients. From its dental treatments to its facial treatments, the clinic designs a unique treatment plan for each client that walks through its doors. It approaches each client with the attitude that they are an individual and that they should be treated in that manner – in this industry, one solution does not fit all. Consequently, the company has received numerous positive reviews, including a 4.9-star rating on Google. One client comments, ‘It's obvious that Iconic Dentistry makes the patients' well-being its top priority. Having visited dental clinics in Perth, Bangkok, Singapore and Houston, I can honestly say that Iconic Dentistry has earned its place among the best in the industry.’ A significant portion of this success can be attributed to the devotion of its highly-skilled team. Iconic Dentistry currently maintains a healthy team of 27 members who all excel in their respective positions. Further, it takes pride in the fact that it encourages learning and progression, be it through providing in-house training or ensuring that each clinician holds tertiary post-graduate qualifications beyond their initial degree. In turn, the team works well together under a mutual understanding that the clients come first. In an industry that is constantly evolving thanks to technological and scientific breakthroughs, having a team that values personal and professional development is greatly beneficial. Conservative, ethical, and biomimetic treatments are the current trends in the industry. Subsequently, Iconic Dentistry takes into consideration the long-term impact of the treatments it offers, and how they may change over time. Many of the clinic’s patients are with it over significant periods of time, resulting in extended monitoring of conditions and how they evolve. It is with this in mind that the company is excited to see what it will be able to offer patients tomorrow, that it could not yesterday. The clinic is constantly changing and pushing for betterment – it prioritises selfassessment and taking customer feedback on board. A spokesperson for Iconic Dentistry concludes, ‘you will need to keep watch to see what happens in the future.’ Contact: Marina Chan Company: Iconic Dentistry Web Address: