Summer 2022

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 15 Summer 2022 called the ‘Sushi Zo State’, something that encapsulates the brilliant balance that Sushi Zo achieved between sincere perfection and a relaxed atmosphere. Its clientele is everyone from local foodies to billionaires who are travelling past one of their many establishments. Despite the variety in the kinds of people it serves, it promises that the quality will be of a recognisable and commendable level for all, something that it achieves by making sure each of its chefs have the creative freedom to develop the kinds of food they are excited to serve. Thus, by ensuring its staff are fulfilled and excited to create and serve the food, Sushi Zo can promise clients a singular experience that will re-introduce them to sushi as a cuisine, inviting them to try flavour, texture, and temperature options that they may never have tasted before. Chef Michi – one of its foremost creators of its dishes – always promises that he and his chefs will make sure that only the best food makes it onto the plate. Following his lead, the culinary creatives behind each meal use traditional sushi techniques along new, bold, innovative flavour profiles that will give even the most seasoned sushi expert a new thing to experience, sourcing its ingredients in only the best places and always ready to talk about the where, who, and why. After all, part of what makes food such an artistically fulfilling medium, and what about it brings people story. The story is just as important as the final product. For Sushi Zo – not just in its Hong Kong branch but all over the world – it’s just as With a foremost dedication to spreading the knowledge of Japanese cuisine around the world, Sushi Zo Hong Kong is committed to a sincere respect for traditional techniques, a warm atmosphere, and a defining experience that sets it apart from its competition. Serving its customers with a dedication that takes them from the first greeting all the way through to the goodbyes at the end of the meal, it turns visitors into loyal friends of the restaurant by introducing them to the kind of hospitality they wish to come back and enjoy time after time. Moreover, it embraces traditional sushi creation techniques that allow nonJapanese guests to experience sushi how it has been prepared for time immemorial, and allow Japanese guests reconnect to their culture. Thus, these techniques are utilised in the most respectful manner, never divorcing it from the context in which it was developed. Having found its start in the US – in both Los Angeles and New York – Sushi Zo was quick to garner praise and attention from critics and customers. In the first few years, it received its first Michelin Star, and adopted a free-spirited approach that has allowed it to continue to spread its love of food all over the world. Being the creators of a truly holistic and refined hospitality experience that allows the most delicious food to be prepared and delivered to guests in a timely manner by an expert chef and charismatic staff, it has since set up in Bangkok and now it’s newest venue of Hong Kong. Striving to define the omakase dining experience in the best way possible, its guests can expect food created by the most innovative chefs, each of whom have the freedom to develop and change the menu every night in order to reflect their passion for their art. Therefore, the flavours, temperature, and texture are each developed with the best ingredients to work in synergy with each other. This, when reached, is much about the experience that it can deliver, treating the food as an element of the overall dining adventure throughout the historical and contemporary world of sushi. Its passionate, enthusiastic, and flexible staff also adapt well to any allergies or dietary information that a customer may have, working hard to ensure that the final product that is delivered is just as safe and carefully prepared as it is delicious. It has faced a couple of notable challenges since its inception, but has overcome each of them with the same truly incredible commitment that has followed it since the very beginning, with each of its staff members pulling their weight in order to support the business, their colleagues, and the customers they have the honour of serving. Nominally, one of the most recent hurdles has been the pandemic. With the impact that lockdown closures had on businesses across the corporate world, it is no secret that hospitality has been one of the worst affected industries, with many restaurants having to close their doors for good as a result. Sushi Zo extends its thanks to its staff, partners, and clientele for their unwavering support during this time, with guests making catering and takeaway inquiries that allowed Sushi Zo to remain afloat. Planning to add more alcohols such as Japanese Wine and Sakurao Gin to its list of pairings in the future, guests can expect delights both familiar and new across the coming year. Company: Sushi Zo Hong Kong Contact: Dante Fung Website: