Summer 2022

17 Feb22594 Cocktail Bar of theYear - Cologne Taking its name from the Sri Lankan tree tapping trade, Toddy Tapper is a luxurious cocktail bar nestled in the bustling city, Cologne, Germany. It provides a plethora of unique cocktails that boast flavours that cannot be found elsewhere. Consequently, in 2022, the company will be taking these delicious creations to the wider market by opening its first bottled cocktail shop. Providing a cultural taste experience to every guest that enters the premises, Toddy Tapper, Cologne’s leading cocktail bar, utilises a range of unique flavours and ingredients to create delectable alcoholic beverages. It offers an authentic hospitality experience that cultivates a warm and relaxing ambiance. Perhaps most importantly, Toddy Tapper caters to you – its cocktail services are tailored to your tastes, your favourite flavours, and preferred style of service. Indeed, it is this approach that sets the company apart from other cocktail bars. Unlike many establishments, Toddy Tapper does not strive to make the best cocktails on the market. Instead, Toddy Tapper endeavours to serve excellent drinks that abide with its customers’ individual needs. The cocktail bar’s goal is to consistently exceed customers’ expectations. Henceforth, Toddy Tapper prioritises learning, as a result it tries and utilises different techniques and experiments to get the best flavours for its luxury cocktails. Toddy Tapper’s relationship with is clients is built upon transparency, friendliness, and a deep understanding of the industry. By greeting clients with a warm smile, the team ensures that its clients feel welcome, and as a result, customer loyalty has the potential to be established. It believes that by giving the guest a smile, it can gain their attention. As such, this encourages the customer to think positively and leave their issues at the door. In a five-star review, one customer enthuses, ‘went there thinking that I'd just order my regular mojito, but the bartenders (I would call them magicians) convinced me to try their specialities... And once I started, I was convinced I would only be trying their specialities. They mix spices with their cocktail in the perfect portions to give that burst of flavour without the strong aftertaste. Strongly recommend everyone to start with their house speciality. I went there for a drink and left with an experience.’ The team consists of individuals from across the globe, supplying a unique combination of experiences and backgrounds to the business. Operating as a family, the staff undertake regular teambuilding exercises, as this allows them to support each other in a prompt manner. Moreover, it is evident that the team prides themselves on doing a good job. The high standard of customer service reflects a team that works in collaboration, communicates effectively, and thoroughly enjoys their jobs. It can be assumed that much of this team success is rooted in Toddy Tapper’s recruitment process. The company is drawn to those who have a vibrant personality, who radiate positivity and kindness. In essence, Toddy Tapper prefers to hire based on who the person is, rather than what skills or experience they have. Skills can be created, an authentic personality cannot. During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, this approach greatly benefitted the business, as the company was not hiring from the small pool of excellent bartenders. Furthermore, in March 2020, Toddy Tapper introduced its range of bottled cocktails to the market. These were met with wild popularity, and since the product’s genesis, it has been delivered to consumers across Germany. The staff shortages across Germany have provided Toddy Tapper with the opportunity to implement these bottled beverages in restaurants. This year, the company will be opening its first bottled cocktail shop, through which it will be supplying the same premium cocktails that can be found at the bar. Its plans include the creation of its own Arrack, which it hopes to launch alongside a range of spirits. Contact: Indika Silva Company: Toddy Tapper Web Address: