Summer 2022

24 Apr22405 Swedish Skincare Innovation Nature is not only the home of breath-taking beauty, but also of the cleanest and most efficient skincare. Building upon over 30 years of research, Transderma has brought together the most cuttingedge technology and the most precious natural ingredients to create exceptionally pure, scientifically enhanced skincare serums for women and men. Crowned 2022’s Most Outstanding Natural Skincare Serum Brand – Sweden, we take a closer look at how Transderma’s serums are superior to those from other brands. The Transderma line of all-natural, exceptionally pure and scientifically enhanced skincare serums was developed by Alvin Ronlán Docent, Ph.D, with more than three decades of research in the fields of natural antioxidants and vitamin compounds that help the skin maintain its vitality. Transderma’s mission statement “For Life – For Science – For You” embraces the essence of these inventions. These products have no preservatives and are made up of all-natural, effective, clean ingredients with proven performance. The serums are safe, non-toxic with multiple benefits for women and men – and they are truly authentic and ground-breaking in their delivery. Historically, skincare products have aimed to achieve temporary improvement of the skin’s appearance, but Transderma’s products are different because they ensure more lasting improvement of the skin’s cellular processes, and therefore preservation of a youthful appearance by preventing or slowing the visible effects of the aging process. Our bodies obtain many of the vitamins we need from the food we eat, but as we age, the amount of vitamins that reach our skin are reduced below the level required for revitalising skin cells, even with a diet rich in vitamins. Transderma has discovered that targeted delivery of vitamins and antioxidants to the skin cells through topical application will boost skin cell activity to a more youthful level. Not only can the skin be affected by aging, but also environmental stress. To remain resilient and attractive, no matter the circumstances, the skin needs nourishment that reaches the deeper layers where moisture balance and elasticity are regulated. Applying Dr. Alvin Ronl n’s scientific expertise in collaboration with entrepreneur and skincare expert, Graziella Gallelli, five revolutionary serums have been developed to replace other more complicated skincare methods. Transderma contains no superfluous, synthetic compounds, but instead uses just a few carefully selected, all-natural active ingredients with the power to increase cellular activity and transform the appearance of the skin. Dr Alvin Ronl n says, “Vitamins are sensitive substances and without preservatives, most of them lose their activity. The system I have developed actually stabilises the vitamins in their natural, active form without using preservatives. Through my research, I have also developed unique systems to allow deeper absorption of vitamins and other types of actives into the skin. These patented innovations enable the Transderma skincare products to give the skin a supplemental dose of vitamins through topical application. The Transderma Serums act as a booster for essential skin renewal processes and quickly give visible results in the form of firmer skin, more even skin tone, improved lustre, and reduced appearance of wrinkles.” Indeed, Transderma seeks to make a difference and to be the difference in demystifying the skincare industry. It strives to educate and empower consumers to make safe skincare choices by offering products with minimal, natural ingredients which are proven to be highly effective. It creates the most scientifically advanced skincare products while still providing its consumers with a simple routine for taking care of their skin. It believes that beauty and harmony reflect the inward and outward appearance of skin, for both women and men, and it develops its products for a global reach so as many people as possible can access such revolutionary skincare. Company: Transderma Contact: Graziella Gallelli Email: [email protected] Website: