Summer 2022

25 Mar22761 Most Innovative Skincare Brand 2022 (Germany): Danphelyn® As a sustainable and customer focused skincare brand, Danphelyn has made itself a household name amongst its urban customer base. Working hard to develop skincare lines that help clients tackle the various skincare challenges of city living, its ranges are perfect for the busy professional, promising to leave skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed without breaking the bank or compromising a customer’s sustainability principles. In this manner, it is a leading brand in both effective skincare and environmental responsibility. A company with products designed by beauty lovers, for beauty lovers, Danphelyn is a brand creating products for people living in the busy environment of the modern city. Nominally, it knows that living amongst such hustle and bustle can cause stress and anxiety, resulting in skin problems from city air pollution such as blemishes and roughness; moreover, exposure to blue light for long periods of time in service of an office job with very little breaks can also be hard on the skin. Rashes and hives, it finds, are also common complaints for those living in places where high stress is common. Therefore, Danphelyn has dedicated its entire brand to helping alleviate these symptoms on the skin, with its incredible R&D department working around the clock to innovate new and front-running products made with plant-based ingredients that are free from pollutants and overtly intensive chemicals. Using ingredients such as Marrubium Vulgare Extract and Buddleja Officinalis Extract, it has created a line of skincare solutions that prioritise the protection of skin from pollutants and free radicals, as well as UV radiation and blue light. Critically, it has been created to ‘refine the skin grain’, giving it a radiant and purified complexion emboldened by Hyaluronic and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 that moisturises as it goes, improving elasticity and reducing the visual appearance of fine lines. Each of these factors – from the quality of the product to the excellence of Danphelyn’s dedication to the customer – has endeared it to city dwelling consumer it serves. It has also worked hard to make itself as sustainable as possible. All its products are therefore paraben free, GMO free, and vegan across the board, all factors that have allowed it to expand its client based and obtain an ‘excellent’ rating by German independent clinical tester Dermatest. Furthermore, having joined the Green Dot scheme, it hopes that its environmentally responsible efforts will inspire its peers to follow in its footsteps, pushing the wider industry towards overall betterment. Combining customer needs with innovation, its rich, effective, natural ingredients are all dermatologically certified and tested, and it promises that this will remain true throughout its life cycle as it continues to develop yet more outstanding products. In short, beauty industry, watch this space. Brand: Danphelyn Contact: [email protected] Website: