Summer 2022

27 May22331 Events Driven by Storytelling Eventique is an award-winning, international, full-services event production agency providing creative, technical, and logistical services for live, virtual, and hybrid events for clients such as Sephora, The Humane Society of the United States, TikTok, The United Nations, and Anheuser Busch, and others. Recognised as Most Trusted Event Planning Company, 2022 - New York in this issue of LUXlife magazine, we take a closer look at what it can do for clients. Eventique specialises in producing innovative and sophisticated events, with storytelling driving its creative approach. Founded by leaders from the entertainment and event production industry who have extensive technical expertise, the company’s diverse team also includes backgrounds in theatre, media, and brand marketing. Through deep expertise and experience, Eventique understands the need for meticulous attention to detail, taking on ambitious concepts and crafting events that go beyond the wildest imagination, leaving guests inevitably inspired. Indeed, Eventique always “produces with purpose”, meaning that whatever the content, branding, activations, or scenic elements, they are always connected to the message and story that the client wishes to articulate. These values do not change – only how the company produces events changes. Its team members continuously look for ways new and old to tell a client’s story, from hologram technology to classic yearbooks. Eventique services clients in a variety of sectors, including non-profits, NGOs, global retailers, media companies, technology companies, and consumer brands from beauty to beverage. It is an event company different from others because it tends to think like a creative or advertising agency to suit the client – coming up with ideas that are stunty, that will make headlines, that will get people to share on social media, that will get people to think, and most importantly, to act. For each project, the company will assign team members who have an intimate knowledge of the brand. These talented individuals strive for perfection by recognising the clients goals, reading their brand guidelines word for word, and mirroring their aesthetic, from talent to fabrication at an event. The company truly aims for diversity when adding new members to its team, welcoming and encouraging people with various backgrounds to join. A degree in hospitality isn’t necessarily needed to excel in a role at Eventique; you can take a teaching background to help manage teams, you can have a writer’s background to develop event names and messaging, you can be a tap dancer and understand the nuances of how to work with celebrities. One of the biggest challenges for Eventique, however, is finding the talent and materials, with labour shortages and supply chain issues all struggling due to the pandemic. It lost great talent during the pandemic due to the fact that the industry was basically decimated and people had to still feed their families, so employees left the industry and found other work. Meanwhile, the unexpected benefits of this time were that the company was able to pivot to virtual events very quickly due to its robust creative and technical team, and was able to guide clients into the then-unknown space of virtual events. Now, Eventique is focused on the future, already in the midst of its experiences in crypto and NFTs from 2021, and evolving into Web3 experiences for its clients this year. Ultimately, it’s easy to see what makes this company the most trusted in event planning, with its reliability and creativity to craft events truly exceeding expectations every time. Company: Eventique Contact: Liron David Email: [email protected] Website: