Summer 2022

30 Apr22063 Most Trusted Multi-Practice Cosmetic Clinic 2022 - UK Este Medical Group, a cosmetic treatments specialist that is firmly on its way towards achieving its goal of making itself the number 1 most trusted cosmetic services company in the UK, has rung in the new year by continuing to make strides towards a bright future. Taking both its clients and wider market into a bright, innovative, and person-focused future, this winner of the above award and the ‘LUXlife Customer Service Excellence Award’ for 2022 looks forward to implementing yet more impeccably designed services into itself such as its mentorship scheme, hoping to help fresh talent break into its field. Established in 2015, Este Medical Group’s first clinic was opened in Birmingham by Sam Cinkir. Having opened more branches across the UK and further afield in Italy, Bangladesh, and Turkey, Este Medical Group has been growing and expanding in order to treat as many clients as it can, continuing to grow its business in the treatment of cosmetic treatments and services in both skin and hair care for the whole body. Nominally, this includes plastic surgery, chemical peels, body contouring, laser hair removal, acne scar reduction, lip fillers, hair loss treatments, and much more. Every one of these treatments has made it a household name in its industry by endearing it to its peers and market segment alike, the depth of innovation that it champions propelling it to the forefront of cosmetic practice in a globally competitive field. Treating over 2000 clients in each UK clinic every day, Este Medical Group’s offered experience promises to have a client leaving with boosted confidence. Fundamentally, from the moment they walk through the doors, its clinicians work hard to help them establish what treatments would best aid their self esteem and what said procedures entail, from the non-invasive to more surgically based services. It works so hard to make this possible as it finds information and knowledge to be one of the most important elements of cosmetic treatment, ensuring that each client knows each detail of what its clinicians propose due to the inside-out familiarity that each of its consultants has with the available offerings. Thus, with greatly informative, affordable, and diligent services, more people than ever are reaching out to Este Medical Group to improve their quality of life through cosmetic pampering. This has earned a great depth of good will with its clients. As a result, Este Medical Group boasts a huge portfolio of glowing reviews and exceedingly positive word of mouth referrals, with many customers going on to recommend it to family, friends, and peers, ensuring a naturalistic and sustainable growth that it has been able to maintain expertly. Sam, as the founder and CEO, is incredibly proud of this and the excellence with which his staff conduct themselves; to this end, his own empathic, warm, and understanding nature – as well as his professional credibility in his own trichology work – has become the backbone of the business and the foundation upon which its progress has been built. With the customer’s total satisfaction as its core priority, this worldwide brand is inclusive, ethical, and boasts the most well-trained personnel. Each of its staff members uses up to date techniques and technology, benefitting from the foremost training and education, in order to take on a people-first approach. This attitude towards its clients helped it to survive the lockdowns by continuing to work hard for its clients, putting safety measures in place against Covid and refurbishing its clinics accordingly, pushing forward towards its goal of becoming the UK’s biggest cosmetic treatments company within the next 5 years. Company: Este Medical Group Contact: Sumit Kumar Website: