Summer 2022

32 Apr22478 Best MaternityWellbeing & Skincare Brand - UK It is said that aromatherapy has a number of benefits, including boosting wellness. Cradle & Tonic, a fledgling, UK-based brand, has utilised this idea to create a line of exceptional maternity and postnatal products that guide prospective and new mothers towards tranquillity and wellbeing. The prospect of a new baby is one of excitement, anticipation, and stress in equal measure. Anxiety often slides under the radar as many push the narrative of a pregnancy being a ‘miracle’ and ‘amazing’ – and it is – however, with this message comes stigma and a lack of support. Future and new parents often feel that they cannot voice their concerns or take the time to destress out of fear of judgement. Yet one company is trying to change this. Indeed, Cradle & Tonic recognises that this issue is widespread not only in the UK but also overseas, and as a result, it has developed a line of products that have been designed for mums-to-be and new mums. Producing aromatherapy and skincare products, Cradle & Tonic offers calm, comfort, and support through providing people with the tools for selfcare. Moreover, it utilises the highest quality of natural ingredients in order to ensure that each of its products are suitable for its target audience. Since 2017, the company has been on a mission to encourage relaxation and wellbeing support during maternity, making mums-to-be and new mums across the globe feel amazing. As such, it follows a strict framework of core values, as it endeavours to provide the best products and services possible. It prioritises its belief that ‘Calm + Relaxed = Happy Mum & Baby’ and encourages this thinking within everything that it does. Simply, it empowers prospective and new mothers during a sensitive and potentially turbulent time. Cradle & Tonic is the pinnacle of luxury. Whilst most maternity brands are mid-market, Cradle & Tonic’s products can be picked up at Harrods and Fortnum & Mason. It is also the only maternity brand to introduce aromatherapy candles into its collection. Furthermore, each of these products are made in the United Kingdom and are produced through sustainable methods, including the use of considered logistics and recyclable packaging. Cradle & Tonic strives to provide the very best customer service to its clientele and ensures that its products are ethically made, quality, and beautifully packaged. Cradle & Tonic aims to delight. Having joined the industry at an explosive time, Cradle & Tonic’s devotion to its cause has been an exceptional advantage. The maternity market is expected to exceed £6.8 billion, growing impressively at a CAGR of 2.15% in terms of revenue during the forecast period 2017-2023. In addition, across the UK and US the maternity care market has seen big growth with consumers demanding various types of improved, high-quality maternity care products. The demand is there, and Cradle & Tonic is prepared to meet it. Therefore, on top of its plans to acquire more team members, going forward, Cradle & Tonic is working around the clock to develop, design, and produce its new skincare line that will be ready for release in 2023. Contact: Sarah Oliver Company: Cradle & Tonic Web Address: