Summer 2022

34 May22429 Luxurious Contemporary Interior Design Services Taking the title of 2022's Award for Excellence in Luxury Interior Design Services – Florida is CRT Studio. Indeed, having been recognised by a number of awards, the company gets to add this accolade to its extensive collection. Known for infusing its creations with luxury, quality, and tailored solutions, it is clear to see why CRT Studio has become a leading figure within its industry. CRT Studio is a full-service, luxury boutique interior design firm that has been recognised by a number of prestigious organisations, including the Aurora Awards, Prism Awards, Watermark Awards, the Platinum Bala Awards, and more. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the studio primarily works within Florida as well on location at client’s vacation homes. As such, the company creates opulent designs that encompass the location’s laidback, elegant atmosphere. Indeed, CRT Studio specialises in bringing forward liveable designs that strike the delicate balance between modern luxury and timeless beauty. Founded by Robert Turner, who serves as CRT Studio’s president, much of the company’s style stems from his American, European, and multicultural university education. Moreover, with 25 years of experience under his belt, including time spent working on projects in the United States, Mexico, and Argentina, his guidance has enabled the company to excel. Every staff member at CRT Studio has been hand-selected for their unique skills and perspectives. There are several traits that the employees shared, including a fastidious attention to detail, punctuality, and effective communication with its clients. CRT Studio firmly believes in having the right team, and consequently, its team is its greatest asset. Its team consists of passionate individuals that seek out creative solutions when challenges arise. In turn, new recruits are typically found through CRT Studio’s immersive internship program, with standout candidates making themselves apparent very early on. Thanks to its talented team and high-quality designs, CRT Studio has attracted a highly diverse clientele. Its services are enlisted in by a variety of leaders and trendsetters across a plethora of industries to accomplish their personal interior design projects. For example, like its clients’ lifestyles, the luxury design industry is ever-evolving. The company’s lifelong relationships with its clients have proven to be a great benefit as it is often hired to refresh past projects or undertake new projects for past clients. In this sense, CRT Studio’s fluidity and flexibility are paramount to its operations, as they put client's minds at ease during the course of their project and enable CRT Studio to forge those business-client bonds. However, in spite of its consistent and unwavering success, CRT Studio has faced several challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic had an unprecedented impact on industries across the globe – and for CRT Studio this meant that it was rocked by supply chain issues. It was with this in mind that the company turned to local tradesmen, craftsmen, and fabricators to execute its designs and aid in maintaining the momentum of its projects. As a result, this helps to support the company’s tight schedule and deadlines that are important to the overall design process and construction industry. Coming to this solution has provided CRT Studio with a more sustainable future. Its project pipeline is filled until well into 2024, and it is committed to providing each of these with creative, contemporary, and bespoke solutions. It believes that this approach will push it towards success for decades to come. Contact: Robert Turner Company: CRT Studio, Inc. Web Address: